Helicopter Accidents


Year 1991 accidents

List of helicopter accidents

Aerospatiale Alouette II 1
Aerospatiale Alouette III 2
Aerospatiale AS332 Super Puma 1
Aerospatiale AS350 Ecureuil 1
Aerospatiale Gazelle 2
Aerospatiale SA330 Puma 3
Aerospatiale SA360 Dauphin 1
Agusta AB206 1
Agusta AB212 1
Agusta AB47 1
Bell 205 6
Bell 206 1
Bell 209 AH-1 Cobra 3
Bell 212 10
Bell 412 2
Bell V-22 Osprey 1
Boeing-Vertol 107M H-46 Sea Knight 2
Breda Nardi NH500 1
Dornier UH-1D 1
Enstrom 280 1
F+W Emmen SA316B Alouette III 2
Hiller 360 2
Hughes 269 1
Hughes 369 / 500 / H-6 2
MBB Bo105 3
McDonnell Douglas AH-64A Apache 3
McDonnell Douglas md500 1
Robinson R22 1
Sikorsky S-55 H-19 1
Sikorsky S-58 H-34 1
Sikorsky S-61 H-3 5
Sikorsky S-64 CH-54 1
Sikorsky S-65 H-53 2
Sikorsky S-70 H-60 5
Sikorsky S-80 H-53E 1
Westland Lynx 2
Westland Scout 2
Westland Sea King 2
Westland Sioux 2

1991 212 30752 Fuerza Aerea del Peru FAP-649 : FAP; w/o 23feb91
1991 212 31208 Sri Lanka Air Force CH536 : Sri Lanka Air Force; ex N2206A; w/o ?
Sri Lanka Air Force CH536 : w/o 16jun91 crashed in Vavauniya
1991 212 35003 Bell Helicopter Canada C-FGNF : BHTCL toward EHBR-1109
Fuerza Aerea Mexicana EHBR-1109 : FAM w/o 22jan91
1991 212 Fuerza Aerea del Peru FAP-619 : FAP d/d 1975; w/o 01mar91
1991 269C / 300 128-0747 Ejercito del Aire HE.20-13 : EdA 78-42. Ala 78. w/o 27nov91
1991 280c 1056 N581H : Toward G-MEAD
G-MEAD : from Feb86 to Nov87 ex N581H toward SE-HOO
osterman helikopter SE-HOO : Osterman from Nov87
SE-HOO : Bjornerud Gard AB from Nov91; w/o 27Dec91 hit power line
1991 369d 0669 Heil Ha'Avir 224 : IAF, w/o 06may91
1991 369d 50-0645D Heil Ha'Avir 220 : IAF 500MD Lahatoot, w/o 06may91
1991 412 33049 Fuerza Aerea Guatemalteca 122 : FAG; w/o 28aug91
1991 412 33090 Fuerza Aerea Colombiana FAC0003 : FAC d/d 1984; Bell serial N3179Z; VIP; w/o 16sep91 at Guacari (Valle), 4 fatalities; President Cesar Gaviria Trujillo used this a/c 2 days before the accident
1991 ab206b-3 8705 Polizia di Stato PS-71 : Polizia w/o 14Apr91
1991 ab212asw 5209 Armada de Venezuela ARV-0307 : Armada. w/o 1991 at Puerto Cabello
1991 ab47g-3b 1556 Army Air Corps XT144 : AAC Sioux AH.1 Unk to OE-CXP
OE-CXP : Unk to HB-XOJ
HB-XOJ : Unk to EC-DUV
EC-DUV : Unk revert to HB-XOJ
HB-XOJ : w/o 18aug91
1991 ah-1j 26021 US Marine Corps 157777 : USMC; HMA-773 w/o 03jun91
1991 ah-1j 26037 US Marine Corps 157793 : USMC; w/o 1991 with HMA-775 during Desert Storm. 2 fatalities
1991 ah-1w 26243 US Marine Corps 162574 : USMC; w/o 19jun91
1991 ah-64a PV183 US Army Aviation 85-25362 : US Army
US Army Aviation 85-25362 : w/o 25feb91 Gulf War
1991 ah-64a PV203 US Army Aviation 85-25382 : 227th Avn. w/o 18nov91 Fort Bragg, NC
1991 ah-64a PV222 US Army Aviation 85-25401 : w/o 17jul91
1991 as332f Royal Saudi Navy 7224 : RSNF 724; w/o Aug91
Royal Saudi Navy 7224 : US Navy ships USS Guardian (MCM-5) and USS Leader (MSO-490) searched the last known location (Northern Arabian Gulf). The Saudi Arabian government called off the search after approx 2 weeks, one crew member found deceased. The helicopter was never found
1991 as350b1 2252 State of California N217LA : LAPD AStar from 19?? to w/o oct1991
1991 105a S-19 Policia Federal Argentina LQ-LAR : PFA. Bo105A d/d 1972. also D-HDAB, PF-02, H-2. w/o 29dic91 Villa Lugano Capital Fedeal
1991 105cbs-2 S-644 Okanagan Helicopters C-GSTV : MBB Canada; conv 105S CDN BS-4 Coast Guard; canc Jun85
Okanagan Helicopters C-GSTV : Okanagan, Jun-Aug 1985
C-GSTV : Alc Airlift Corp Aug85-Jan89
Omniflight N750H : Deutsche Credit Corp at Deerfield, IL from Jul89; canc Apr93
Omniflight N750H : Omniflight ambulance; w/o 09dec91 at De Ruyter, NY. 3 fatalities
1991 105ls 2011 Eurocopter Canada C-GOCD : Bo105LS A-3; MCL 1986, test serial D-HLSK
US Department of Justice N9737N : US Dept of Justice from 1986; 1990 conv to A-3; FBI; w/o 13aug91 at Honokaa, Hawaii
1991 ch-124 61-382 Royal Canadian Navy  (1945-1968) 4039 : Sikorsky S-61B, c/n 61-382, del Royal Canadian Navy as CHSS-2, 4039, 1967; to CH-124A as 12439 Oct1968; w/o 04aug91
Canadian Armed Forces 12439 : CAF; 1990 type:CH124A 406Sqn./439
Canadian Armed Forces 12439 : CAF; ex 4039; w/o 04aug91
1991 ch-135 32015 Canadian Armed Forces 135115 : BuNo 70-15664. 408 sqd. w/o 10oct91
Canadian Armed Forces 135115 : crashed near Burks Falls, Ontario: CP Lt Wellman Killed, Plt Gord Wytsma FE Mike Douglas survived
1991 ch-3c 61-550 US Air Force 65-5699 : Sikorsky S-61R, c/n 61-550, ff?; del USAF as CH-3C 65-5699, 07Apr66; conv CH-3E unk; xfer 1550th ATTW, Hill AFB, UT 14Feb72; xfer MASDC. DM AFB, AZ 30Oct72-08Nov76; xfer 100th SRW, 432nd TDG, 11th TDS, DM AFB, AZ; xfer 39th ARRS, Det 15, Patrick AFB, FL 26May77-Oct87; xfer 71st SOS, DM AFB, AZ Nov87-Jul90; xfer USAAVNDTA, Ft. Rucker, AL Aug90; w/o Aug91.
US Air Force 65-5699 : 28oct71
1991 ch-3e 61-621 US Air Force 67-14719 : USAF; conv HH-3E; 33 ARRS w/o 14mar91
US Air Force 67-14719 : Crashed in the sea during night operations off the coast of Okinawa. Of the four crew aboard, the flight instructor survived. The pilot, copilot and flight engineer perished. The flight engineer was never recovered. The aircraft sank in over 1000 feet of water but was recovered by the US Navy
1991 CH-46F 2533 US Marine Corps 156463 : BV-107M, c/n 2533, ff?; accepted BuWepsRep, FR, Morton, PA as CH-46F 156463 29Jul69; xfer HMMT-302 08Aug69; xfer H&MS-30 29Sep69; xfer HMMT-302 17Mar70; xfer H&MS-30 COSA 01Jul70; xfer H&MS-30 18Nov71; xfer HMM-262 23Mar72; further unit xfers unk; conv CH-46E unk; unit xfers unk; xfer HMM-165, YW-03, unk; w/o 20Feb91.
US Marine Corps 156463 : Lost 3 days before the Desert Storm ground war started while in a flight of two when they interred a fog bank, broke contact and impact ground while in a left bank. caught fire and destroyed. All crew members escaped with minor injuries. Salvage was conducted and a/c berried in northern Saudi Arabia
1991 hh-1h 17105 US Air Force 70-2461 : USAF; 1981-1984, flew this plus 2462, 2463, 2465 and 2469 in GFAFB, ND for 37th ARRS Det.3
US Air Force 70-2461 : 1989-91 37th ARRS Grand Forks AFB I was Crewchief until the crash, RIP Brothers. Replaced by 70-2458
US Air Force 70-2461 : w/o 25oct91 crashed at ND. 4 fatalities
US Air Force 70-2461 : crash at Dahlen, North Dakota
US Air Force 70-2461 : Spouse was the Civil Service RN that flew as part of a team that Medically Transported a newborn baby from the Base Hospital to Fargo. She received her Wings at Langley AFB as part of Helicopter Flight Nurse training. She is the only Civil Servant RN that was awarded Wings and has a Life Saving Mission to her credit. The Air Force pulled her wings in 1993 as she was told only Active Duty and Reserve AF could be on flying status. She did not know 2461 crashed until today. Sad. Thoughts to the aircrew members and ground crew.
US Air Force 70-2461 : was medic assigned to this unit and on leave when it happened. Thank you to the crew for service and ultimate sacrifice
1991 hh-60g 70-1307 US Air Force 88-26110 : USAF; 102nd RQS w/o 30oct91 New York Air National Guard
1991 hss-1 58-658 US Navy 143920 : Sikorsky HSS-1, c/n 58-658, ff?; del USN as 143920, 14Dec57; to HSS-1N (ASC 84), unk; soc as UH-34J, NAS Brunswick, 06Mar72;
N33EA : to US civil registry as N33EA, unk; conv S-58ET, unk
N33EA : 2apr73
Kenting Aviation CF-KGO : xfer Kenting Aircraft, Canada as CF-KGO, May73;
Servicios Aereos De Los Andes OB-T-1041 : xfer SAASA, Peru as OB-T-1041, unk; w/o at Loreto, Peru, 30Jul74
N439DS : xfer Dick Sawyer Intl, US as N439DS, Aug81; soc 11May83;
C-GUSD : xfer Union Helicopter, Canada as S-58BT, C-GUSD, Jun83; lsd MF Air Services as C-GUSD (seen Feb85), soc May85; xfer Can-Arc Helicopter as C-GUSD, 10May85; suffered accident, 1987; to US 22Dec87;
N439DS : sold Donald Lederhos, US as N439DS, 27Nov87; xfer Michael J. Ragenovich, Nov88; xfer Skyline Helicopter, Jun89; NTSB: "16Jul90: Ovando MT. Loss of power in number one engine."; xfer Aris Helicopter, 18May91; r/n cancelled 02Nov00
1991 ah1 072 Army Air Corps XZ186 : AAC; conv AH.7; 655 Sqn 5 Regt w/o 14nov91 at Gorton, County Tyrone, Northern Ireland
1991 has.4 fn 271 Aéronautique Navale 805 : Marine; w/o 09apr91
Aéronautique Navale 805 : Collided with a Mirage 2000N during land navigation over Massif du Sancy, France. 8 people on board and 2 on Mirage all killed
1991 md500e 0305E Fuerza Aerea Salvadoreña 43 : FAS; w/o 10jan91
1991 mh-53e 65-572 US Navy 163071 : USN MH-53E
US Navy 163071 : w/o 14sep91 HM-15 /TB-?
1991 mh-60l 70-1478 US Army Aviation 90-26251 : US Army, 3/160 SOAR, DAP type; w/o 21feb91 during sandstorm in Saudi Arabia. 7 fatalities
US Army Aviation 90-26251 : 1992 remains of airframe returned to US. Various sections/components refurbished
1991 NH500MC 32-0285M Guardia di Finanza MM81055 : GdiF-97. w/o 12jul91 Caorle coastline
1991 oh-58a 40067 US Army Aviation 68-16753 : US Army
US Army Aviation 68-16753 : 04apr91 type:OH-58C w/o
1991 beta 1589 F-GKMH : w/o 12aug91 in an accident
F-GKMH : 2011 pictured preserved at the Centre d Etudes et de Loisirs Aerospatiaux (CELAG meseum), Grenoble France

1991 RH-53D 65-364 US Navy 158691 : USN;w/o 17nov91 HM-19 /NW-621
US Navy 158691 : crashed in mountains during a routine training flight one year after I retired from HM-19...I was part of this BUNOs crew!
1991 RH-53D 65-370 US Navy 158747 : US Navy; 1988 RH-53D type HM-12 /DH-433
US Navy 158747 : w/o 12apr91 HM-18 /NW-605
1991 S-55C 55-1068 Fuerza Aerea de Chile H-51 : S-55C; to fach S-55T type; w/o 1990; to CC-CMC
1991 s-61a-4 61-486 Tentara Udara Diraja Malaysia FM-1714 : Sikorsky S-61A-4 Nuri, c/n 61-485, ff:?; del RMAF as FM-1714, 01Feb72; recoded M23-12, unk; w/o 16Jan91.
Tentara Udara Diraja Malaysia M23-12 : recoded M23-12, unk; w/o 16Jan91.
1991 s-64a 64-002 Sikorsky Helicopters N305Y : Sikorsky S-64A, c/n 64-002, ff:1962; reg N305Y by Sikorsky for demonstrations to European military and civil operators, 1962-63.
Bundesministerium des Innern D-9510 : del West German Govt, Interior Ministry as D-9510, 1963.
Heeresflieger D-9510 : HEER; 1963 HFWS; 1963 toward Luftwaffe
Luftwaffe LA+112 : xfer Luftwaffe as LA+112, unk.
Erickson N6956R : sold Erickson Air Crane as N6956R unk; conv S-64E unk; became airborne while refuelling and crashed into vehicles, ivo Index, WA, 27Jun91; Five people injured, three seriously, scrapped.
1991 sa316b 118/1064 Schweizer Luftwaffe V-242 : SUI w/o 29Jul91
1991 sa316b 143/1089 Schweizer Luftwaffe V-267 : SUI w/o 13May91
1991 sa330e 1125 Royal Air Force XW215 : 33Sq/CM visited the Air Tattoo, 23 Jun 1979
Royal Air Force XW215 : RAF; 12jun83 230Sqn./DM at Solingen air day.
Royal Air Force XW215 : RAF Puma HC.1; 230sqn/R w/o 24jun91 ditched at sea. Parts used in ZE449
1991 sa330e 1659 Ministry of Defence (MoD) ZA941 : f/f 13 May 1981, d/d 16 Jun 1981. The last Westland built Puma. RAE Farnborough by Oct 1981
Ministry of Defence (MoD) ZA941 : RAE still May 1984 until 1991, crashed in France and w/o 8 Aug 1991.
1991 sa330j 1508 Bristow G-BFJY : Bristow; 1982 to VH-WOF
Bristow Australia VH-WOF : Bristow Australia; ex G-BFJY; temp as VR-BIG; w/o 12may91
1991 ah.1 1974 Army Air Corps ZB675 : AAC Gazelle AH.1 built by Westland; 10jan91 w/o
1991 ht.2 1157 Fleet Air Arm XW886 : RN Gazelle HT.2 buit by Westland; Jul79 705sqd/CU-548; Aug85 705sqd/CU-48 Sharks demo Yeovilton air day; w/o 16jan91
Fleet Air Arm XW886 : 18jun89 pictured as /CU-48 with 705Sqd (The Sharks display team) at Biggin Hill Air Fair
1991 sa360 1008 Toho Air Service JA9166 : Toho Koku (?); w/o 05jun91 during sling load at Haguro
1991 Scout f.9618 Uganda Police 5X-UUX : ex G-17-2, delivered to Police Air Wing 1966. wfu 1969. Sold to UK by Jul 1983.
G-BKLJ j.wilkie, morecambe, uk: ex 5X-UUX, to UK Jul 1983. Broken up Jan 1991, some parts used as spares in Westland Wasp G-BMIR (c/n F.9670).
1991 ah.1 f.9510 Army Air Corps XP909 : AH.1 built at Hayes. Del Army Nov 1963
Army Air Corps XP909 : AETW Middle Wallop before Apr 1984. Returned to Service.
Army Air Corps XP909 : w/o 19feb91, Yakama ranges, WA, USA
1991 se3130 1468 Aviation Légère de la Force Terrestre A09 : Belgian Army c/n 1468/C223; 26mar91 w/o
1991 se3160 1008 Aviation Légère de l'Armée de Terre 1008 : ALAT CUI. w/o 22may91
1991 se3160 1347 Schweizer Luftwaffe V-212 : SUI w/o 22Oct91
1991 has.2 wa 845 Fleet Air Arm XZ577 : Westland Seaking HAS.2, f/f: 05/11/1976; del Royal Navy as XZ577, 13/12/1976; conv HAS.5 unk; w/o 01/06/1991, ditched into Indian Ocean off Chittagong, Bangaladesh.
Fleet Air Arm XZ577 : noted as 826Sq/142 on 11 Mar 1982, en route Portsmouth
1991 has.5 wa 940 Fleet Air Arm ZD631 : RN; 1985 706Sqn./90
Fleet Air Arm ZD631 : 18-22mar88 type:HAS.5 820Sqn./R-019 embarked HMS Ark Royal R07.
Fleet Air Arm ZD631 : w/o 10sep91 ditched 34m NW of Esha Ness, Shetland
Fleet Air Arm ZD631 : RN, 28may99 in use as Instructional airframe HMS Sultan, Gosport by
Fleet Air Arm ZD631 : RN 01mar00 fire trg duties Predannack coded 66,
1991 sh-3d 61-388 US Navy 154102 : US Navy; conv SH-3H; 1990 HS-11 /AB-611
US Navy 154102 : w/o 09oct91 HS-11
US Navy 154102 : Went down in North Atlantic during North Star exercise along with crew of 4. I was AZ3 Rock
1991 sh-60b 70-430 US Navy 162138 : US Navy; 1988 HSL-44./HP-443
US Navy 162138 : USN; HSL-44 w/o 22feb91
1991 sh-60f US Navy 164090 : USN; HS-4 w/o 06aug91
1991 Sioux wa321 Army Air Corps XT162 : AAC Sioux AH.1
G-BJFN : To G-BFJN 10Jul87 Howden Helicopters, Spaldington, w/o 07Jul91; de-registered 21Sep92
1991 Sioux wa432 Army Air Corps XT543 : AAC Sioux AH.1 alt c/n wap146 31May78 to G-BFSJ as Westland Bell 47G-3B-1
G-BFSJ : Private w/o 07Jul91
1991 uh-12e 2208 Fleet Air Arm XS160 : RN Hiller HT.2 type; 1975 to G-BDOH
Fleet Air Arm XS160 : 20aug93 705Sqn./41 visit
G-BDOH : from Dec75 to May91, ex XS160
D-HTIM : w/o 15jun91 at Minheim, Germany
1991 uh-12e 2261 Fleet Air Arm XS165 : RN Hiller HT.2 type; 1976 to G-BEFX
G-BEFX : 1978-1987; ex XS165, to SX-HEC
SX-HEC : w/o 09sep91 in Greece
1991 UH-1D 8102 Luftwaffe 70+42 : KL+106, Erp-St 61, HTG 64, w/o 08.10.1991 Ahlhorn
Luftwaffe 70+42 : Luftwaffe; 1987 HTG64 SAR mrks.
1991 uh-1d 4096 US Army Aviation 63-8804 : US Army cnvt. to UH-1H toward FAS 245
Fuerza Aerea Salvadoreña 245 : FAS Guardian 1st batch del.1981 ex 63-8804 w/o 6Sep91
1991 uh-1d 4280 US Army Aviation 64-13573 : US Army, conv UH-1H, to Honduras
Fuerza Aerea Hondureña FAH-940 : FAH, ex 64-13573; w/o 12dec91
1991 uh-1d 5964 US Army Aviation 66-16270 : US Army cnvt. to UH-1H toward FAS 267
Fuerza Aerea Salvadoreña 267 : FAS Guardian 3rd batch del.1982 ex 66-16270 w/o 8Feb91
1991 uh-1d 8692 US Army Aviation 66-16498 : US Army cnvt. to UH-1H toward FAS 263
Fuerza Aerea Salvadoreña 263 : FAS Guardian 3rd batch del.1982 ex 66-16498 w/o 18Mar91
1991 uh-1h 11130 US Army Aviation 68-16471 : US Army, to Honduras
Fuerza Aerea Hondureña FAH-941 : FAH, ex 68-16471; w/o 19dec91
1991 UH-1N 31040 US Air Force 69-6634 : USAF; w/o 10oct91 crashed at Edwards AFB, asg 6512th Test Squadron
1991 UH-1N 31041 US Air Force 69-6635 : USAF; 1973-74 I was the crew chief at Howard AFB, Panama
US Air Force 69-6635 : Oct89 red/white livery /ED with 6512th Test Squadron at Edwards AFB
US Air Force 69-6635 : w/o 14jan91 crash at night, Edwards AFB asg 6512th Test Squadron
US Air Force 69-6635 : w/o 14jan91 involved in a mishap at Edwards AFB. The mission was a night instructor upgrade during which the main drive shaft failed. I was a surviving crewmember
US Air Force 69-6635 : 1998 1st HS
1991 UH-1N 31661 US Marine Corps 158785 : to Mexico Gov as civ XC-GIF
Gobierno de Mexico XC-GIF : PGR d/d 1974. w/o 04jan91. ex BuNo 158785
1991 UH-1N 31675 US Marine Corps 159199 : w/o 22aug91
1991 UH-1N 31713 US Marine Corps 159776 : USMC; w/o 16oct91
1991 UH-46A 2051 US Navy 150968 : BV-107M, c/n 2051, ff?, del USN 29Jan65 as UH-46A 150968; units unknown; conv HH-46A unk; last unit: HC-11, VR-72; w/o 15Aug91.
US Navy 150968 : Attached to USS Camden (AOE-2) at time of loss. 4 fatailities.
US Navy 150968 : w/o 15aug91 off USS Camden (AOE-2) while resupplying ships in the Pacific Ocean near Wake Island. HELSUPPRON 11 (HC-11 Gunbearers) Sideflare 62. Lost 4 souls, on board that day.
US Navy 150968 : this happens after leaving our ship, USS Leahy (CG-16) returning from Desert Storm. Puff of Black Smoke from rear eng plunged nose down, Never Forget that day.
US Navy 150968 : wreck recovered by USS Salvor (ARS-52) from a depth approx 17,250 feet ( 5,257m ) which was a world record at that time
1991 uh-60a 70-081 US Army Aviation 78-23015 : w/o 28feb91. shot down over Iraq in rescue mission: 5 KIA, 3 POW
1991 v-22 D0005 US Marine Corps 163915 : Bell-Boeing MV-22 FSD, c/n D0005, ff 11Jun91; asgd USMC BuNo 163914; w/o crashed on first flight, 11Jun91, airframe destroyed by fire, no fatalities.
    81 C/N found.

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