Helicopter Accidents


Year 1997 accidents

List of helicopter accidents

Aerospatiale Alouette II 1
Aerospatiale Alouette III 1
Aerospatiale AS350 Ecureuil 4
Aerospatiale Gazelle 3
Aerospatiale SA330 Puma 2
Aerospatiale SA365 Dauphin 2 2
Agusta A109e Power 1
Agusta ab205 1
Agusta ab206 1
Agusta ab212 1
Bell 204 1
Bell 205 3
Bell 206 7
Bell 209 ah-1 cobra 2
Bell 212 2
Bell 412 1
Bell 47 1
Boeing-Vertol 107M H-46 Sea Knight 2
Boeing-Vertol 234 1
Eurocopter AS355 Ecureuil 2 1
Eurocopter AS365 Dauphin 2 1
Eurocopter Super Puma/Cougar 2
Kawasaki Heavy Industries 369HS 1
MBB bo105 2
McDonnell Douglas ah-64 apache 1
McDonnell Douglas md500 1
PZL w-3 sokol 1
Revolution Helicopter mini 500 2
Robinson R22 1
Sikorsky S-61 H-3 4
Sikorsky S-65 H-53 2
Sikorsky S-70 H-60 4
Sikorsky S-76 1
Westland Lynx 2
Westland scout 1

1997 206a 478 Bell Helicopter N2281W : Bell 206A cn478, ff:?; reg Bell Helicopters as N2281W, unk; del US as N2281W, unk; conv Bell 206B-2, unk
C-GVQK : xfer Northern Mountain Helicopters Inc, BC as C-GVQK, unk; w/o when helo descended into fog and struck mountainside ivo Bear Valley, British Columbia, 30Jul97
1997 206a 507 N99MC : Bell 206A cn507, ff:?; del US as N99MC, unk
N99KC : xfer US as N99KC, [ntu]
N99MC : retained US as N99MC, unk; conv Bell 206B-2, unk
C-FAXU : xfer Canada as C-FAXU, unk; w/o when longline attached to aircraft became entangled in fuel drums during takeoff and aircraft crashed to ground, Whitecourt, Alberta, 20Apr97, no inujuries.
1997 206a 672 Gobierno de San Juan LV-LED : San Juan DPA, Bell serial N7952J; dmg 07aug87, 1991 wfu
CP-2223 : Bolvia, to HK-4098X
HK-4098X : Taca Ltd Colombia, w/o 18feb97 impact terrain at Guaymaral-Suba, Cundinamarca. 2 serious injured
1997 206b-2 779 N2946W : to N196P
N196P : to N196PB
N196PB : to N2VC
N2VC : Edwards and Assoc at Bristol, TN Oct92-May96
G-OBTW : BTW Allen May96-Jul97; w/o 16mar97 at Gravesend near Albury, Hertfordshire
1997 206b-3 3345 N2034C : to N42SS
State of Nevada N42SS : Sundance Helicopters from Aug94; w/o 24feb97 at Mountain Spring, NV
1997 206l-1 45445 Air Logistics N57334 : Offshore Logistics from Aug80; 13mar95 pictured at New Iberia, LA without main rotor
Air Logistics N57334 : w/o 08apr97 ditch into sea near Ship Shoals, LA; canc Jan99
1997 206l-1 45525 N5751W : to C-GGHA
C-GGHA : Huisson Aviation at Timmins, ON canc Jun84
Government of Canada C-GGHA : Ministry Of Natural Resources Province Of Ontario (OMNR) Dec91-Apr94
C-GGHA : Les Helicopteres Abitibi Ltee Jun/Nov 1994
C-GGHA : Skylink Aviation at Mississauga, ON from Nov95; w/o 01nov97 at Mavrovo Lake, Macedonia. 4 fatalities
1997 212 30995 XA-KAZ : ASESA, as N1084A Jun/Sep 1980 Sim-Air Airzona
Gobierno de Mexico XC-JBO : Estado Nuevo Leon; w/o 30mar97 crash at Monterrey. 1 fatality
1997 212 35027 Royal Thai Army 35027 : Thailand not delivered; ex C-GAJN; to Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka Air Force CH561 : Sri Lanka Air Force; ex Thai 35027; ex C-GAJN; w/o 25nov97
1997 234LR MJ-001 Boeing Helicopters N234BV : Boeing Vertol, for BAH
British Airways Helicopters G-BJAC : BAH Feb81-Jan85; noted date unk
Columbia Helicopters N234CH : CHI from 1985
Helifor C-FHFH : Helifor, lsd from Columbia Helicopters; w/o 30oct97 at ivo Comox, BC
1997 412hp 36039 Bell Helicopter N3102Y : Bell Helicopter Dec91-Jun94
Policia Federal de Mexico XC-PFI : Policia Federal Mexico from 1994, w/o 15aug97
1997 47 2904 Aviacion Naval Uruguaya A-056 : Aviacion Naval d/d 1995; w/o 24oct97
1997 a109e 11004 Gadek Aviation 9M-DRB : w/o 3mar97 near Kuala Lipis,Pahang. 3 fatalities.
1997 ab205a-1 4130 Aviazione dell'Esercito MM80533 : Esercito E.I.281. EM-2 type. united nations ITALAIR UNIFIL as UN-281. w/o 06aug97 near At-Tiri and Rshaf, Lebanon
1997 ab206b-2 8339 G-BAKS : from 28dec72, several owners;
G-BAKS : 1981 appears on 007 film For Your Eyes Only
G-BAKS : Stephenson Marine Co Ltd from Jun94; 11jun95 picture at Biggin Hill
G-BAKS : w/o 14nov97 crashed in fog, Cocking Hill, near Chichester, West Sussex. 1 fatality.
1997 ab212 5601 Österreichische Luftstreitkräfte 5D-HE : w/o 1oct97. salvage parts used for 5D-HZ in 2001
1997 ah-1w 26254 US Marine Corps 163929 : USMC in 1994 /TV-22 HMLA-167; w/o 23may97
1997 ah-1w 26342 US Marine Corps 165318 : USMC; HMM-263 w/o 28jul97
1997 ah-64a PV749 US Army Aviation 90-0422 : 7/6th Cav. w/o 4nov97 inflight fire during at San Saba Texas. 2 fatalities
1997 as332l1 2344 Helikopter Service LN-OPG : Helikopter Service; w/o 08sep97 crash at sea 100nm WNW Bronnoysund, Norway. 12 fatalities
1997 as332l2 2455 Royal Thai Air Force H9-3/39 : RTAF; w/o 19sep97, 14 killed, 7 injured
1997 as350b 1744 Royal Australian Air Force A22-004 : RAAF d/d 13apr84. w/o 1997
1997 as350d 1141 Metro Aviation N3599C : Metro Aviation; 13mar95 pictured at Patterson-Williams Memorial AP, LA
American Eurocopter N3599C : American Eurocopter; conv to AS.350B; canc Jul95
ZS-RGF : Helibip; w/o 03jul97 at Kasane, Namibia, 1 fatality
1997 as350d 1288 ERA Helicopters N216EH : ERA Helicopters, to N369SF
N369SF : to N103TV
N103TV : to N37SH
N37SH : to N61TV
N61TV : Sterling Corp at Philadelphia, PA from Aug86, AS350B type; w/o 28jul97 at Philadelphia, PA
1997 as355n 5597 Polizei OE-BXG : Polizei w/o 14mar97 crash near Mistelbach, 4 fatalities
1997 as365n2 6421 JA6681 : Toyota Motor Corp, op by Nihon Flying Service; w/o 24jan97 hit trees in poor weather at Okazaki, Toyokawa. 8 fatalities
1997 105cbs-2 S-736 MBB D-HDQW : MBB, ntu N964MB, to ZS-HRF
Suid-Afrikaans Polisie ZS-HRF : South African Police Service (SAPS); w/o 31may97 hit power lines while chasing a stolen car at Heidelberg highway, Gauteng
1997 CH-46F 2593 US Marine Corps 157694 : BV-107M, c/n 2593, ff?; accepted BuWepsRep, FR, Morton, PA as CH-46F 157694 27May70; xfer HMM-264 04Jun70; xfer H&MS-26 08Nov72; xfer HMM-263 11Apr73; further unit xfers unk; conv CH-46E unk; unit xfers unk; xfer HMM-164, YT-164, unk; w/o 10May97.
US Marine Corps 157694 : w/o 10may97 Struck an antenna on takeoff from US Navy ship
1997 ch-53a 65-119 US Marine Corps 153733 : Sikorsky S-65A c/n 65-119, ff?; del USMC as CH-53A 153733 unk; xfer units unk; wfu & xfer MASDC as AN2Jxxxx unk; sold IDF as 403 Nov73; upgraded to Yasur 2000 903 1996; w/o when suffered mid-air collision in darkness at the remote Shear Yeshuv kibbutz in the Galilee panhandle, crew + 33 pax killed, tot 73 killed, 03Feb97.
Heil Ha'Avir 403 : Sikorsky S-65A c/n 65-119, ff?; del USMC as CH-53A 153733 unk; xfer units unk; wfu & xfer MASDC as AN2Jxxxx unk; sold IDF as 403 Nov73; upgraded to Yasur 2000 903 1996; w/o when suffered mid-air collision in darkness at the remote Shear Yeshuv kibbutz in the Galilee panhandle, crew + 33 pax killed, tot 73 killed, 03Feb97.
Heil Ha'Avir 903 : ex 403
1997 hb350b 1664 Helibras PT-HMR : Helibras c/n HB1056, Marinha UH-12 type
Força Aeronaval da Marinha do Brasil N-7056 : Marinha UH-12 type d/d 1983; w/o 20nov97 near Plataforma Vermelho Um (Bacia de Campos)
1997 hh-60h 70-2288 US Navy 165255 : USN; w/o 13mar97 HS-3 /AJ-615 ditch off North Carolina. 4 fatalities
1997 hh-65 6223 US Coast Guard 6549 : USCG HH-65A; CGAS Humboldt Bay; w/o 08jun97 of the coast of North California

1997 has.2 200 Fleet Air Arm XZ728 : 26Sept80 delivered to NASU Yeovilton as HAS.2; 30Mar81 to Westlands; 24Jul81 NASU Yeoviltonl; 05Aug81 to 815Squadron; 02Nov81 to 815Squadron HMS Battleaxe; 17Apr82 to 815Squadron, HMS Broadsword; 06Aug82 to NASU Yeovilton; Unknown date to NATIU Lee on Solent sighted 14Mar83 uncoded; 03Jun83 to 815Squadron; 19Sep83 to 815Squadron, HMS Jupiter; Unknown Date to 815Squadron, HMS Liverpool. Noted 04Jul84 coded 332-LP named "Scouse"; 04Jun87 to NASU Yeovilton for HAS 3 Conversion
Fleet Air Arm XZ728 : 04Jun87 to 19Oct87 Converted at NASU Yeovilton
Fleet Air Arm XZ728 : 19Oct87 to 815Squadron, HMS Jupiter as HAS.3, noted 04Nov87 coded 443-JP named "Baldric"; 19Apr88 to 815Squadron, HMS Scylla. Noted 25Apr88 uncoded and 21May88 coded 432-SC; 25Aug89 to 815Squadron, HMS Arrow. Noted 26Sep89 as 326-AW; 11Dec89 to 815Squadron and noted 23Nov90 coded 300; 21Jul92 to AIM Bournemouth U.K. for repaint; 05Aug92 returned to 815Squadron coded 300 noted 30Nov 92. Noted 24Jan93 Uncoded; 26Jan93 to 702 Squadron, noted 28Jan93 coded 641; 06Jan94 to RNAS Fleetlands coded 641 for HAS.3S Conversion
Fleet Air Arm XZ728 : 06Jan94 to 20May94 RNAS Fleetlands for conversion to HAS3S standard
Fleet Air Arm XZ728 : 30May94 to 815Squadron, HMS Iron Duke. Noted 12Jul94 coded 404.IR; 03Jul95 to RNAS Fleetlands for conversion to HMA.8 standard
Fleet Air Arm XZ728 : 03Jul95 to 18Oct96 RNAY Fleetlands for conversion to HMA.8 standard. Noted uncoded 05Jun96
Fleet Air Arm XZ728 : 18Oct96 to 815Squadron, HMS Monmouth as HMA.8. Noted uncoded 23Oct96. Noted 29Oct96 coded 415-MM
Fleet Air Arm XZ728 : w/o 18feb97 815Sqn /MM-415 fell over the side of HMS Monmouth (F235) in rough sea while preparing for take-off
Fleet Air Arm XZ728 : 11Mar97 to AMG Portland; 21Apr97 to RNAY Fleetlands for store glass cockpit trials; 20Sep04 to RNAS Yeovilton for preservation work
Fleet Air Arm XZ728 : 2007 HMA.8 type /326, preserved at Yeovilton
Fleet Air Arm XZ728 : 30Dec10 noted as Gate Guard RNAS Yeovilton painted as AW-326 of 815Squadron HMS Arrow
1997 mk80 170 Kongelige Danske Marine S-170 : RDN; w/o 14jun97 during airshow at Goraszka, Poland; rebuilt as c/n 410 Super Lynx mk90b
1997 md500e 0212E Fuerza Aerea Salvadoreña 40 : FAS; w/o 21mar97
1997 mini 500 087 N800GL : w/o 13Sep97
1997 mini 500 203 N727EB : w/o 19Dec97
1997 nbo105cb N106/S-704 tentara nasional indonesia angkatan kepolisian P-4016 : Indonesia Police; w/o 08oct97
1997 OH-6D 6512 Japan Ground Self-Defense Force 31206 : Kawasaki 369HM, c/n 6512, ff?; del JGSDF as OH-6D, 31206 unk; unit xfers unk; w/o 21Aug97.
1997 beta 0752 Bristow G-BOEY : Bristow helicopters w/o 16Jan97
1997 s-61a-4 61-794 Tentara Udara Diraja Malaysia M23-27 : w/o 18mar97 near Sipitang, Sabah. 5 fatalities. Mid-air collision with RMAF M23-30.
1997 s-61a-4 61-797 Tentara Udara Diraja Malaysia FM-1734 : Sikorsky S-61A-4 Nuri, c/n 61-797, ff:?; del RMAF as FM-1734, 13Jun78; recoded M23-30, unk.
Tentara Udara Diraja Malaysia M23-30 : w/o 18mar97 near Sipitang, Sabah. 6 fatalities. Mid-air collision with RMAF M23-27.
1997 S-61N 61-748 Sikorsky Helicopters N4041S : Sikorsky S-61N-58, c/n 61-748, ff:? reg Sikorsky as N4041S, 1976
N17AZ : xfer US as N17AZ, unk
VH-BHJ : xfer Barrack Helicopters as VH-BHJ, unk
C-FMAB : xfer Canada as C-FMAB, unk
N17AZ : xfer US as N17AZ, unk
C-FMAB : xfer Canada as C-FMAB, unk
N17AZ : xfer First Security Bank, UT as N17AZ, 11Jun93.
Coulson Aircrane C-GBRF : Coulson Aircrane Ltd from Jun94; w/o 19apr97 during heli-logging ops, pilots lost cyclic control and crashed ivo Stave Lake, BC; canc 1997
1997 S-61N 61-810 LN-ORR : Sikorsky S-61N-80, c/n 61-810, ff:? reg D-HOSB (ntu); del WIKING as LN-ORR, 18Jul78; other regs: PT-YAF, w/o 24Jun97.
1997 S-65C-3 65-350 Heil Ha'Avir 357 : Sikorsky S-65C-3, c/n 65-350 ff?; retained by Sikorsky for testing as N4025S; del IDF/AF as S-65C Yasur 357, Nov72; w/o 04Feb97, suffered mid-air collision with CH-53A 2000 #903 in darkness at the remote Shear Yeshuv kibbutz in the Galilee panhandle, 3 crew + 34 pax killed.
1997 s-70a-28 70-1898 Türk Jandarma Teskilati J-1898 : Jandarma, type to be conf; w/o 14sep97
1997 s-76b 76-0340 N61QP .: toward PH-KHB
KLM helikopters PH-KHB : KLM ex N61QP w/o 20Dec97 in North sea
1997 sa315b 2519 Fuerza Aerea de Chile H-15 : fach d/d 1982; w/o Jun97
1997 sa316b 2373 Fuerza Aerea Salvadoreña 22 : FAS test serial F-WTNQ, to N32072
N32072 : Eagle Helicopters at Spokane, WA Dec91-Apr93
C-FPWH : to 9N-PWH
9N-PWH : rtn C-FPWH
C-FPWH : w/o 28oct97 slinging seismic equipment 75m NE Farmington, New Mexico —
1997 sa330e 1170 Royal Air Force XW225 : RAF Puma HC1 in 1983 /FE 240OCU.
Royal Air Force XW225 : 1991 pictured (pic1) in sand cammo during Operation Desert Shield
Royal Air Force XW225 : 20sep91 asg 33Sqn visit Antwerp, Belgium
Royal Air Force XW225 : 06nov92 pictured (pic2) as 240 OCU /FE at RAF Odiham
Royal Air Force XW225 : 1997 asg 18Sqn based at Laarbruch / Niederrhein, Germany
Royal Air Force XW225 : w/o 15feb97 crashed near the village Urspring, Bavaria, Germany
1997 sa330j 1608 N3602T : 1980-1990; temp HC-BPC
Heli-TV SA HB-XVI : Heli-TV d/d 20jan1990; 18jul90 crash at Cavigliano due rear rotor fail; repaired; 02jul92 injured person on ground at Locarno ; w/o 05sep97 at Val di Trodo, rear gear box failure, 2 fatalities
1997 ah.1 1525 Army Air Corps XZ300 : AAC Gazelle AH.1 built by Westland; 1986 664Sqn; w/o 14feb97 during training at Middle Wallop ; used as i/a at Bramley Camp
1997 ah.1 1609 Army Air Corps XZ318 : AAC Gazelle AH.1 built by Westland
Army Air Corps XZ318 : visited the Fort on 4 Jul 1979
Army Air Corps XZ318 : damaged following ice storm in Banja Luka on 2 Jan 1997 and subsequently w/o.
Army Air Corps XZ318 : after being written off, to Shawbury on 18 Jan 2005, for storage
XZ318 : to Warped Paint Ball Park, near Cosford Jan 2008
1997 sa341g 1308 N341JT : canc May88
Coulson Aircrane C-FWYN : Coulson Aircrane canc Jan91
F-GHGU : w/o 01oct97 at Clermont-Ferrand, France
1997 sa365n 6212 Pawan Hans VT-ELC : Pawan Hans (PHE), test serial F-WYMJ; w/o 25may97 ditched into sea near Sagar Jyoti Rig, off Mumbai. 2 fatalities
1997 ah.1 f.9475 Army Air Corps XP849 : AAC Westland Scout AH.1
Ministry of Defence (MoD) XP849 : AAC in 1990 ETPS
Army Air Corps XP849 : w/o 03apr97 heavy landing at Netheravon during autorotation training; 2013 (most parts) preserved at Museum of Berkshire Aviation, Woodley
G-CBUH : 5aug02
1997 sh-60b 70-1939 US Navy 164856 : USN; HQ-475/HSL-46 w/o 08jan97
1997 sh-60b US Navy 163598 : USN; HSL-49 w/o 16aug97 crashed into Persian Gulf
US Navy 163598 : Red Stinger 110 with Det 5. Four souls survive loss of tail rotor authority upon takeoff of USS Rentz (FFG-46) off coast of Kuwait.
1997 UH-1B 1021 Royal Australian Air Force A2-1021 : RAAF d/d 1964; BuNo 63-13589; to civ as N888SJ; w/o 06oct97 at Herron California while spraying fields
1997 uh-1h 13709 US Army Aviation 74-22385 : National Training Center (NTC Avn Co) w/o 10jun97
1997 uh-1h 14001 Fuerzas Aeromóviles del Ejército de Tierra HU.10-81 : ET-251; FMS BuNo 78-23184; w/o 4jun97
1997 uh-1h 9521 Fuerza Aerea de Chile H-80 : fach d/d 1978; BuNo 67-17323; w/o 19-20oct97
1997 UH-46A 2052 US Navy 151902 : BV-107M, c/n 2052, ff?; del USN 30Jan65 as UH-46A 151902; xfer NAS Memphis unk; admin SOC 27Sep71; xfer NARF unk; conv HH-46D unk; xfer HC-5, Det 3, RB-16, unk; w/o 19Apr97.
1997 w-3rm 390512 Marynarka Wojenna 0512 : Polish Navy; w/o 12mar97
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