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    APSCON 2019

    US CHI Health Center Omaha     15 jul 2019

    Airborne Public Safety Aviation Conference, July 15-20, Omaha, Nebraska
    APSCON 2019

    • APSCON 2019
    • APSCON 2019

    MD530F Demo Flights at APSCON 2019, 15-Jul-19 : #APSCON2019 MD Helicopters will showcase the MD530F including demo flight at the 2019 Airborne Public Safety Aviation Convention (APSCON), at the CHI Health Center, Omaha, Nebraska, July 17-19

    Penn State Police with New Aerial Mission Suite, 21-Jul-19 : #PennStatePolice CNC Technologies selected by Pennsylvania State Police to install integrated aerial law enforcement mission suites on their six Bell 407GX helicopters including real-time data and video streaming between air crews and ground commanders across the state

    Tulsa Police New H125 Helicopter, 20-Jul-19 : #Tulsa Metro Aviation’ completion center in Louisiana completing a new AS350B3e/H125 for the Tulsa Police in Oklahoma. The new helicopter is equipped with searchlight, camera, advances navigation systems and a fast rope rappel system

    Crash Resistant Fuel Tanks for LA County Police, 20-Jul-19 : #CRFT Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department (LASD) ordered the crash-resistant fuel tank (CRFT) from StandardAero / Robertson Fuel Systems. Hangar One Avionics will install the first of several expected kits for the LASD fleet

    Crash Resistant Fuel Tanks for Oklahoma Police, 19-Jul-19 : #FuelTanks StandardAero and Robertson Fuel Systems delivered two Crash-Resistant Fuel Tanks (CRFT) for the Oklahoma City Police Department AS350B3e / H125 helicopters

    Med-Pac Stretcher for Bell 505 Air Ambulance, 17-Jul-19 : #stretchers Med-Pac, Inc from Minnesota announced new generation stretchers. An Helicopter for Emergency Medical Service (HEMS) Aero Medical stretcher for the Bell 505 featured at the Airborne Public Safety Association APSCON 2019 conference, Omaha, Nebraska, July 15-20

    New Generation Digital Intercom System AMU6500, 15-Jul-19 : #AMU6500 Becker Avionics announced new AMU6500 Digital Intercom System with 3D audio technology and Bluetooth compatibility

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