Kawasaki Heavy Industries kv-107ii-2

This model is a version of kv 107-ii

c/n 4011

Year 1963 to 1990

Helicopter Kawasaki Heavy Industries kv-107ii-2 Serial 4011 Register JA9505 N192CH used by kawasaki helicopter system Columbia Helicopters. Built 1963. Aircraft history


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japan JA9505
kawasaki helicopter system
For JA9505 see also:
    1962 107-ii c/n 202
BV-107/II-2, c/n 202
supplied as parts to Kawasaki as KV-107/II-2, c/n 4011, 1962
del to Kawasaki - Air Lift Inc, as JA9505, 15May68
usa N192CH
Columbia Helicopters
For N192CH see also:
    1962 107-ii c/n 202
sold to Columbia Helicopters as N192CH, Jan84
wfu 31Dec90 with 9087 total flight hours.

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