Kawasaki Heavy Industries kv-107ii-2

This model is a version of kv 107-ii

c/n 4013

Year 1963

Helicopter Kawasaki Heavy Industries kv-107ii-2 Serial 4013 Register JA9509 used by kawasaki helicopter system. Built 1963. Aircraft history and location


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japan JA9509
kawasaki helicopter system
Kawasaki Heavy Industries kv-107iia-2
KV-107II-2, c/n 4013
ff 1963
del to Kawasaki Helicopters System as JA9509
conv to KV-107IIA-2, ff 03Apr68
rtnd Kawasaki Helicopters System as JA9509
wfu & stored, unk
sold Columbia Helicopters, 08Feb06
noted stored at Columbia warehouse, 2010.

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