Westland Wasp

c/n f.9683

Year 1967

Helicopter Westland Wasp Serial f.9683 Register 238 G-17-4 HS-437 used by Marine Luchtvaartdienst (Royal Netherlands Navy) Westland tentara nasional indonesia angkatan laut (indonesian navy). Built 1967. Aircraft history


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netherlands 238
Marine Luchtvaartdienst
united kingdom G-17-4
For G-17-4 see also:
    1955 srs.1 c/n wa 55
    1973 Commando c/n wa 785
UK Weston-super-Mare Refurbished ( 01-oct-81 )
Refurbished ex MLD 236 by Westland at Weston-super-Mare for Indonesian Navy, noted 1 Oct 1981
indonesia HS-437
tentara nasional indonesia angkatan laut
Delivered to MLD (Dutch Navy) as AH-12A, 238. To TNI-AL 1981.

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