Piasecki H-21B

This model is a version of H-21

c/n B-148

Year 1956

Helicopter Piasecki H-21B Serial B-148 Register 02-4756 53-4398 8 000 108 used by Japan Air Self-Defense Force (Japanese Air Force) US Air Force Aviation Légère de l'Armée de Terre (French Army Light Aviation). Built 1956. Aircraft history and location


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usa 53-4398
US Air Force
Piasecki PV-22 c/n B.148/FR.01, ff:?
ordered by USAF as H-21B 53-4398, MDAP to France
france 8 000 108
Aviation Légère de l'Armée de Terre
del ALAT as 8 000 108 in 1956
xfer GH No2, AA, unk
xfer EA.ALAT, BAS, unk
xfer GH No2, BGF, unk
xfer ES.ALAT, BGF, unk
wfu & soc 22Apr64
xfer JASDF, 1964.
japan 02-4756
Japan Air Self-Defense Force
del JASDF as H-21B 02-4756 1964
units unk
wfu & pre Hamamatsu AB Museum, Nov99.

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