Westland Lynx AH9

C/N 347

Built 1991

Helicopter Westland Lynx AH9 Serial 347 Register ZG885 used by Army Air Corps AAC (British Army). Built 1991. Aircraft history and location

Aircraft History


united kingdom Army Air Corps

1999-07 A EGUW 653 Sq / 7 AH.9, 653 Sq / 7, 3 REGT during Jul 1999 653 Squadron
AAC in 2000 /7 659Sqn. 659 Squadron
2001-08-24 B HMNB Portsmouth Role Demonstration flew in set piece on 24 and 25 Aug. International Festival of Sea 2001
672 Sq, 9 REGT by Apr 2005
ex Fleetlands Nov 2005
1 Regt Nov 2005 672 Squadron

AgustaWestland Lynx AH9A conv AH9A type
2014-11-27 C EGNS type: AH.9A 657Sqn. at Ronaldsway
2014-12AH.9A 657 Sq by Dec 2014 657 Squadron
2018-01-27 D EGVP touched down for the final time at Middle Wallop approx 5 minutes before ZG917
Stripped of all Wildcat re-usable parts and placed onto scrap/disposals pile
2019-09-24 24sep19 seen on lowloader going Northbound on A12 in the Chelmsford area

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