Boeing-Vertol CH-46F

C/N 2588

Built 1970 - Written off 1986

Helicopter Boeing-Vertol CH-46F Serial 2588 Register 157689 used by US Marine Corps USMC. Built 1970. Aircraft history and location

Aircraft History


usa US Marine Corps

1970-04-23BV-107M, c/n 2588, ff?
accepted BuWepsRep, FR, Morton, PA as CH-46F 157689 23Apr70
xfer HMM-264 06May70
xfer H&MS-26 15Sep71
xfer HMM-162 20Oct71
xfer H&MS-26 16Jun72
xfer HMT-204 15Jan73
further unit xfers unk
conv CH-46E unk
unit xfers unk
conv HMM-162, YS-07, unk
w/o 29Aug86. HMM-162
1986-08-29 A off Bodø 22 onboard. 9 died including Corporal Rory Fowler (Crew Chief) and Captain Dale Elzey (Pilot). The crash was considered a result of a SAS systems failure. The aircraft landed starboard nose down, then fell off of the deck of the USS Saipan into the North Sea off the coast of Bodo, Norway. The back half of the aircraft was recovered on the scene, although the nose of the aircraft was believed to have sank to the bottom. The Co-Pilot Lt. Mauzey and a new Crew Chief survived, both with injuries
It did not hit the deck of USS Saipan. It launched, was over the water, had mech issue, tried to return to the flight deck, but struck another aircraft(a CH-53A/D), that was on the flight deck about mid ship, then fell to the water on the port side of the USS Saipan. Only some of the rear section of the CH-46 was recovered, not a complete rear section.
Richlands, NC

“ This Helicopter XV667 of 826 Sqn HMS Tiger on the 12 December 1974 diched in the the Bay of Biscay, Due to losing 5ft off the rotor blade tip, I the aircraft mech got the blame saying id did not do the pre flight correctly ??? i did the prefight with the pilot checked the main spars on the Brim indicator everything was correct brims were ok , and the the main rotor blade tip came loose five Ft from the main rotor wear thier is no main spar, it must have been damaged in the hanger whilst being parked , I got the blame which was not my fault the indicator were correct on all blade main spares . It was so worrying and every one against me when we got back uk i took a overdose but a friend on board got me to the hospital saved my life Sure i got kicked out the Fleet Air Arm Not up to standard My Father was in the fleet Air Arm on the Ark Roya C A A WHEN THEY SANK THE BISMARK I bumped into a pilot in London by the palace got talking i did not believe he new my father, well i am left with this stigma of loosing a helicopter my job and pride my pension i was in for the full quote off duty. that it chaps From Christopher Doidge {N AM ) JUST LOOK FOR HELICOPTERS LOSS FROM HMS TIGER IN THE BAY ITS THIER AND PICTURES BEST OFF LUCK CHRISTOPHER DOIDGE - Newport Gwent ”

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