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  • Kaman UH-2A

    This model is a version of Seasprite

    c/n 63

    Helicopter Kaman UH-2A Serial 63 Register 149761 used by US Navy USN. Aircraft history and location


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    usa US Navy

    1967-01-06Kaman K-20 Seasprite, c/n 63, ff?
    del USN as UH2K-1, 149761 unk
    redesig UH-2A in 1962
    xfer HU-1, UP-26, unk
    asgd Vict 1964
    xfr HC-1 /YY-xx, unk
    asgd USS unk, (DLG-21) unk
    helo badly damage by enemy gunfire, 1 fatality, 06Jan67
    HC-1, asgd USS Worden (DLG-18), unk
    suffered combat damage from small arms fire, 18Jul67
    redsig SH-2F unk
    xfer HSL-33, TF-18, unk
    recoded HSL-33, TF-15, unk
    wfu & xfer AMARC as 8H0014, 20Aug92. HC-1
    UH-2A type asg HC-7 HC-7
    28may/28oct 1966 UH-2A type and flown by LT LaRon Stoker USN aboard the USS Coontz (DLG-9/DDG-40) and then the USS King (DLG-10/DDG-41) performing CSAR duties in the Tonkin Gulf, off Vietnam. HC-7
    1973AKNZYNov73-Mar75 flown Again as an SH-2F by Cdr Laron Stoker XO/CO HSL-33. Co-Pilots Miller, Torres, Swain, Ross, Chase, Alexander, Bickler, Stecher
    1977 SH-2F type asg HSL-33 HSL-33
    1979-06-0404jun79 asg HSL-33 Det.3 aboard USS Stein (FF-1065) for work-ups prior to WESTPAC Deployment
    Disembarked to NAS North Island on completion of workups 14jun79. Conducted proficiency at North Island in prep for deployment
    08aug79 embarked aboard USS Stein for WESTPAC. Conducted proficiency training enroute to Hawaiian Op Areas. Following a visit to Pearl Harbor departed via Midway Island to Atsugi Japan, arriving 01sep79
    13sep79 Re-embarked and proceeded to Sea Of Okhotsk for operations until 20 Sep. thence onto the Phillipines
    11oct79 Departed south via Sulu Sea and Makassar Strait to the Indian Ocean headed for Iran due to the Hostage Crisis
    Conducted port visits in Western Australia (Perth), Mogadishu and Berbera in Africa to conduct port evaluations
    2/9 Jan80 conducted a visit to Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean for evaluation of the lagoon there
    02feb80 returned to the Philipines and turned our helo over to another detachment thus ending the deployment.

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