Kaman UH-2B

This model is a version of Seasprite

c/n 107

Helicopter Kaman UH-2B Serial 107 Register 150157 used by US Navy (United States Naval Aviation). Aircraft history

  • Kaman UH-2B c/n 107
  • Kaman UH-2B c/n 107


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usa 150157
US Navy
Kaman K-20 Seasprite, c/n 107, ff?
del USN as HU2K-1U 150157 unk
redesig UH-2B in 1962
xfer HU-4, unk
xfer HU-4, Det 45, USS Wright, Aug64
xfer HU-2, Det 66, USS America, Mar65
xfer NATC, WPNSYSTEST, NAS Pax River, 17Feb66
xfer Kaman, 18Sep67
xfer HC-2 , Lakehurst, 23Aug68
xfer HC-2, Det 16, Lakehurst, 31Oct68
xfer HC-2, Lakehurst, 05Nov68
xfer HC-2, Det 62, USS Independence, 17Mar69
xfer HC-2, Lakehurst, 28Mar69
xfer HC-2, Det 42, USS Franklin D. Roosevelt, 14Jul69
xfer HC-4 , Lakehurst, Aug70
redesig SH-2D, 30Sep71
xfer HC-4, LAMPS Det, Lakehurst, 13Oct71
xfer HC-4, LAMPS Det, USS Belknap, 30Nov71
xfer HSL-30, LAMPS Det, Lakehurst, 01Mar72
xfer NARF, Norfolk, 11Jun73
xfer DOTHAN, 23Jan74
xfer HSL-30, NAS Norfolk, 09Sep75
xfer FS, NAS Norfolk, 15Mar78
redesig SH-2F, 02Oct80
xfer HSL-31, NAS North Island, 14Apr82
xfer HSL-37, Det 5, NAS Barbers Point, 09Dec83
xfer HSL-37, Det 5, USS Holt, 09Dec83
xfer HSL-35, LAMPS Det, USS Kinkaid, 16Apr84
xfer HSL-37, Det 1, USS Hammond, 17Apr84
noted aboard USS Leftwich (DD-984), docked in Fremantle as part of the visiting USS Constellation (CV-64) battlegroup, 05Apr89
xfer HSL-37, Det 10, NAS Barbers Point, 14Dec89
xfer HSL-37, Det 10, USS Badger, 18Jun90
xfer HSL-37, Det 10, USS Ouellette, 07Oct90
xfer HSL-37, NAS North Island, 13Dec90
xfer HSL-33, NAS barbers Point, 06Apr93
xfer HSL-33, NAS North Island, 29Jun93
wfu & stored, unk
currently preserved at USS Midway Museum, San Diego
(USS Leftwich was sunk as a target off the north coast of Kauai, Hawaii on 01Aug03).

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