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    c/n f.9727

    Year 1968

    Helicopter Westland Wasp Serial f.9727 Register M499-01 XV632 used by Tentera Laut Diraja Malaysia TLDM (Royal Malaysian Navy) ,Fleet Air Arm RN (Royal Navy). Built 1968. Aircraft history and location


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    united kingdom Fleet Air Arm


    d/d 11 Dec 1968 to RN. 829 Sq 032 Plymouth Flt/445 by Jun 1969 still Oct 1971 still Apr 1974, 829Sq Berwick Flt/440-BK Apr 1974 to c Mar 1976.
    829Sq Berwick Flt/440-BK to Dec 1980, 829Sq Ardent Flt/340-AD by Aug 1977. to Malaysian Navy. 829 NAS
    1977-11ASouth Atlanticloaned to HMS Phoebe Flt (still wearing /440-BK) Nov 1977 to Jan 1978, during urgent tasking in South Atlantic Operation Journeyman
    1985-05-26610BEGUN Mildenhall Air Fete 85 type HAS.1 At Mildenhall Air Fete 85 829 NAS
    For M499-01 see also:
        1966 Wasp c/n f.9667


    malaysia Tentera Laut Diraja Malaysia


    ex UK RN XV632. dd 1988 to Malaysian Navy as M499-01 (w/o 1991 ?)

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