Boeing-Vertol CH-46A

This model is a version of 107M H-46 Sea Knight

c/n 2103

Year 1965

Helicopter Boeing-Vertol CH-46A Serial 2103 Register 151953 used by US Navy (United States Naval Aviation) US Marine Corps. Built 1965. Aircraft history and location


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usa 151953
US Marine Corps
BV-107M, c/n 2103, ff?
del USMC 25Oct65 as CH-46A 151953
asgd Boeing FR Morton PA
xfer HMM-164 08Nov65
xfer HMM-262 28feb67
xfer HMM-165 02Aug68
xfer HMM-265 21Mar69
xfer FAWPRA Atsugi 30Sep69
xfer H&MS-24 10Feb70
xfer MARTD Whidbey Island 30Aug71
stor MASDC as 1J0050, 24Feb72
xfer NARF Cherry Point 20Jan74
redesig HH-46A 22Jan74
xfer NAS Pensacola 04Aug74
xfer HCT-16 01Nov74
further unit xfers unk
conv HH-46D unk
xfer HC-8 BR39, SOC unk
preserved Elmy Memorial Park, Norfolk, VA. HMM-164
usa 151953
US Navy
March 79/July 81 NAS Patuxent River SAR OPS-63, I flew this as a crew chief and swimmer along with: HH-46A 150947, HH-46A 151951 and CH-46A 151952 with no external hoist during the years I was assigned, HH-46A 151953, HH-46A 152540, CH-46A 150957 was also at Pax but assigned to TPS durning the same period. The Pt Mugu entry is incorrect.
usa 151953
US Navy
March 81/June 83, at NAS Pt. Mugu as Bloodhound BH-16 while I was stationed there
usa 151953
US Navy
Boeing-Vertol CH-46D
US Navy
1988 CH-46D type HC-6./HW-01 HC-6
usa 151953
US Navy
US Navy in 1996 deployed aboard USS Nassau LHA-4. type:HH-46D /HW-65 HC-6 HC-6
usa 151953
US Navy
2001-2002 aboard USS Nassau (LHA-4) with HC-6 Det 7

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