Bell AH-1G Cobra

This model is a version of 209 AH-1 Cobra

c/n 20777

Helicopter Bell AH-1G Cobra Serial 20777 Register 157232 68-17049 used by US Marine Corps US Army Aviation. Aircraft history


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usa 68-17049
US Army Aviation
US Army toward 157232
usa 157232
US Marine Corps
Army AH-1G BuNo 68-17049
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conv AH-1S
conv AH-1F
usa 68-17049
US Army Aviation
AH-1F asg B Troop 1st Squadron 17th Air Cavalry 82nd Airborne Division for a time. I believe it came to my unit in August of 1990 during Desert Sheild/Storm in Saudi Arabia. I crewed it from 1991 until April of 1992 when I left for S. Korea. SGT. J. Watterson.

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