Boeing-Vertol CH-46D

C/N 2187

Built 1966 - Written off 1985

Helicopter Boeing-Vertol CH-46D Serial 2187 Register 152565 used by US Navy USN ,US Marine Corps USMC. Built 1966. Aircraft history and location

Aircraft History


usa US Marine Corps

1966-08-26BV-107M, c/n 2187, ff?
del USMC 26Aug66 as CH-46A 152565
asgd Boeing FR Morton PA
xfer HMM-262 01Sep66
redesig CH-46D 06Jun68
xfer FAWPRA Atsugi 20Nov68
xfer NAS Atsugi A&T 11Feb69
xfer HMM-262 07Mar69
xfer NARF North Isalnd 08May72
further unit xfers unk
xfer HC-6, HW-01, unk
w/o 17Nov85. HMM-262
My Bird. I took her to Vietnam and was her only Crew Chief until rotating back to CONUS
1985, as a Navy bird, taxiing on a carrier, the front blades struck the island and she came apart. She was scavenged for parts, etc. and dumped over-board. She rests the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea. She saved MANY lives in Vietnam

usa US Navy

1985-11-17US Navy UH-46D type as HC-6 /HW-01
w/o 17Nov85 HC-6
True the aircraft was destroyed in 1985 but was during night VERTREP to USS Iwo Jima (LPH-2). Rotors came in contact with guy wires for antennas around super structure and the aircraft fell on the forward gun, broke apart and crushed a cobra attack bird. I Was there, sister detachment from HC-6. Pilot and crew were friends.
IWO JIMA (LPH-2) mishap confirmed. Pilot-in-Command (PIC) had been hot dogging all day. On last lift of retrograde PIC insisted that all VERTREP nets and pendants be strung together resulting in high hover with few visual cues to hold a stable hover. Acft drifted into yard arm and killed sailor on signal bridge. As previously stated fell onto AH-1T of HMM-261 and into forward gun tub.

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