Kawasaki Heavy Industries kv-107iia-sm-1

This model is a version of kv 107-ii

c/n 4123

Year 1980 to 1987

Helicopter Kawasaki Heavy Industries kv-107iia-sm-1 Serial 4123 Register JQ4123 MOI 07 used by kawasaki helicopter system Ministry of Interior. Built 1980. Aircraft history


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japan JQ4123
kawasaki helicopter system
KV-107/IIA-SM-1, c/n 4123, ff?
Kawasaki Heavy Industries reg JQ4123 for testing, 1980.
saudi arabia MOI 07
Ministry of Interior
del Saudi Arabia, Ministry of Interior, General Civil Defence Agency as MOI 07, unk
service unk
w/o 28Jan87 when it became fouled in the sling rope after releasing the load
crew of 4 KIA.
saudi arabia MOI 07
Ministry of Interior
Aircraft CD 07 crashed in Mecca killing all onboard. It was load lifting and the strop and shackle used to lift load became entangled in rotor head, causing de phasing of rotors . Two Saudi crew and two American Lockheed crew died that day. Kevin Perrier and John Mullen RIP.
saudi arabia MOI 07
Ministry of Interior
Kevin Perrier and John Mullen died in the crash. John was pilot and Kev the crew chief. Kev wasn't due to fly that mission, the other crew chief went off sick that day. The mission was to assist in load lifting pallets of building gear.

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