Sikorsky H-34G.I

This model is a version of S-58 H-34

c/n 58-721

Year 1957

Helicopter Sikorsky H-34G.I Serial 58-721 Register 80+04 N47787 PH-POC PK-OBO used by Heeresflieger (German Army Aviation) Sikorsky Helicopters KLM helikopters Airfast. Built 1957. Aircraft history and location


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germany 80+04
For 80+04 see also:
        105m c/n 5004
Sikorsky H-34G.I, c/n 58-721, ff?
del W.Germany as H-34G.I, PB+201, 18Nov57
xfer Heeresflieger as QB-461, unk
recoded as PM-461? unk
recoded as PL-331, unk
recoded as 80+04, unk
wfu unk
usa N47787
Sikorsky Helicopters
rtnd Sikorsky as N47787 [in partial payment for CH-53Gs.], unk
conv S-58ET, unk
usa N47787
Sikorsky Helicopters
Sikorsky S-58T
netherlands PH-POC
KLM helikopters
xfer Placid Oil/ KLM Helicopters as PH-POC, 24Mar75, soc 21Feb80
indonesia PK-OBO
xfer Airfast Services as PK-OBO, Apr80

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