Sikorsky HH-53C Super Jolly

This model is a version of S-65 H-53

c/n 65-192

Written off 1973

Helicopter Sikorsky HH-53C Super Jolly Serial 65-192 Register 68-10362 used by US Air Force. Aircraft history and location


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usa US Air Force

1970-01AVVDN-Jan71 37th ARRS I was the first crew-chief assigned to 362 when it arrived at Da Nang. It was shipped over by ship, and assembled at Cam Ranh Bay, and flown to Da Nang. When I left Viet Nam, 362 had made 6 saves. 37th ARRS
1971AVVDN-Apr72 37th ARRS, I crewed this Acft at Da Nang AFB, Vietnam. Stood Alert status for one of the longest periods and set a record , 30 days 37th ARRS
1973-06-1440th ARRS w/o 14jun73 Cambodia 40th ARRS

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