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  • Sikorsky HH-53C Super Jolly

    This model is a version of S-65 H-53

    c/n 65-266

    Written off 1979

    Helicopter Sikorsky HH-53C Super Jolly Serial 65-266 Register 69-5787 used by US Air Force USAF. Aircraft history and location


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    usa US Air Force

    33 ARRS w/o 26feb79 crashed into sea during aerial refueling 33 RQS
    This unfortunate accident occurred as a result of a retiring high-ranking officer flying his last helicopter flight. His inexperience led him to pull-up towards the HC-130 refueling chute to abruptly, hitting the chute with one or two of the HH-53 rotor blades. Instead of ditching the Jolley Green into the South China Sea for subsequent rescue of the airmen on board, the officer instead attempted to be a hero and fly the vibrating beast back to land. The tragic outcome is the result of his arrogance!
    This is bs. the Major flying was in upgrade training to Flight Evaluator. The accident occured and the aircraft subswquently crashed. I was the one who survived the accident.

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