Sikorsky H-34G III

This model is a version of S-58 H-34

c/n 58-1576

Helicopter Sikorsky H-34G III Serial 58-1576 Register 80+84 N82838 PF+461 PT-HHE used by Marineflieger (German Navy ) Sikorsky Helicopters Heeresflieger (German Army Aviation) Líder Aviação (Lider Taxi Aereo). Aircraft history


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germany PF+461
Sikorsky H-34G.III, c/n 58-1576, ff?
ordered MDAP by USN as 150769, unk
del W.German Herresflieger as PF+461, unk
recoded PF+334, unk
recoded 80+84, 1967
wfu & sold USA as N83838, unk
conv S-58ET, unk
sold Brasil, PT-HHE, unk
germany 80+84
For 80+84 see also:
        105m c/n 5084
UK Lee-on-Solent ( jul-72 )
6th International Helicopter SAR Competition
1972 Represented FGN at 6th International Helicopter SAR Competition. Together with 80+98, came 11th overall.
usa N82838
Sikorsky Helicopters
Sikorsky S-58T
brazil PT-HHE
Líder Aviação

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