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  • Westland Wessex Mk.60

    This model is a version of Wessex

    c/n wa562

    Year 1967 to 1969

    Helicopter Westland Wessex Mk.60 Serial wa562 Register VH-BHL G-AVEW used by Bristow Australia AUSBU ,Bristow ,Westland. Built 1967. Aircraft history and location


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    united kingdom Westland

    Wessex Mk.60, test serial G-17-1
    Westland Aircraft Ltd Jan/Jun 1967
    Bristow Jul67-Apr68, to Australia as VH-BHL


    united kingdom Bristow

    Wessex Mk.60, c/n WA562, del Bristow helicopters as G-AVEW, 1967.


    australia Bristow Australia

    xfer Bristow Australia, as VH-BHL, unk
    rtnd Bristow Helicopter, UK as G-AVEW, unk.
    Early 1969, caught fire during overnight stop on offshore rig (Glomar Tasman) Sparks from funnel got in to cockpit and burnt out top section of Heli down to engine firewall (which worked in reverse!). Heli returned to UK in box

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