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  • Westland Wessex HAS.1

    This model is a version of Wessex

    c/n wa 7

    Year 1959 Scr 1988

    Helicopter Westland Wessex HAS.1 Serial wa 7 Register XM326 used by Fleet Air Arm RN (Royal Navy) ,Ministry of Defence (MoD). Built 1959. Aircraft history and location


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    united kingdom Ministry of Defence (MoD)


    dd Aug 1959 to Westland. Used as trials aiframe at several MoD establishments until c Jun 1962, when it was brought back to HAS.1 standard by Westland and issued to FAA some time in Autumn/Winter 1963.
    united kingdom Fleet Air Arm


    RN Wessex HAS.1 f/f 07jul59 d/d 28aug59
    scr Portland, 1988
    814 Sq/342-V by Nov 1964, 814 Sq/272-V
    Victorious SAR Flt/266-V by Oct 1967
    Eagle SAR Flt/147-E by Apr 1969 until Jan 1972.
    1972-07AEGHF771Sq/421-PO by Apr 1972, until c Feb 1974. Part of 771Sq team at 6th Int. SAR competition, Jul 1972 771 NAS 6th International Helicopter SAR Competition
    1975-07515-POBEGDP 772 NAS 772Sq/515-PO by Jul 1975 772 NAS
    1976-04CEGDT Stored Wroughton store by Apr 1976
    1978-01DEGDR Stored Culdrose store by Jan 1978
    1979-02BEGDP Dumped Portland by Feb 1979 on dump by Jul 1979
    1979-07-22BEGDP Dumped 22jul79 coded 615-PO on dump at Portland
    1982-11BEGDP Dumped still on Portland dump by Nov 1982
    scr. Portland by Jul 1988

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