Sikorsky H-34A Choctaw

This model is a version of S-58 H-34

c/n 58-22

Year 1955

Helicopter Sikorsky H-34A Choctaw Serial 58-22 Register 53-4477 N22566 used by US Army Aviation. Built 1955. Aircraft history


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usa 53-4477
US Army Aviation
Sikorsky CH-34C Choctaw
del US ARMY as H-34A, 53-4477, 20Mar55
conv H-34C by Jan62
redesig CH-34C, Oct62
xfer Atlanta Army Depot, unk
soc Nov71
usa 53-4477
US Army Aviation
This airframe has never been on display at Edwards AFB FTC Museum. The H-34 preserved at Edwards is 137856 which was falsely marked as 53-4477 for a period of time
sold Robert R Saxe as S-58, N22566, unk
sold Aircrane, 12Nov85, FAA reports Undel Tri
sold Maydays Restaurant, North Perry, FL, unk
noted preserved Locust Grove, GA
on display at Air Force Flight Test Center Museum, Edwards AFB, CA, marked as USMC, HMM-769, 00, since Oct05.

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