Sikorsky S-61N

This model is a version of S-61 H-3

c/n 61-297

Year 1966 to 2008

Helicopter Sikorsky S-61N Serial 61-297 Register C-FOKP HS-HTP N10057 N612AZ used by Okanagan Helicopters Thai Aviation Service Sikorsky Helicopters Carson Helicopters US Forest Service. Built 1966. Aircraft history

Sikorsky S-61N c/n 61-297


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usa N10057
Sikorsky Helicopters
Sikorsky S-61N-24, c/n 61-297, ff?
reg Sikorsky as N10057, 1966
del Okanagan as CF-OKP, 10Sep69
rereg C-FOKP, unk
other regs: N147EH, C-FOKP, HS-HTP, C-FOKP, N612AZ, w/o 2008.
canada C-FOKP
Okanagan Helicopters
thailand HS-HTP
Thai Aviation Service
TAS Jun93-Mar97
usa N612AZ
Carson Helicopters
Carson from Jun07
usa N612AZ
US Forest Service
w/o 05aug08 serving US Forest Service was destroyed when suffered loss of power main rotor during takeoff and subsequently impacted trees and terrain near Weaverville, California. 7 Oregon firefighters and 2 crewmen were killed plus 3 injured

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