Boeing-Vertol CH-46D

This model is a version of 107M H-46 Sea Knight

c/n 2246

Year 1967 to 1973

Helicopter Boeing-Vertol CH-46D Serial 2246 Register 153354 used by US Marine Corps. Built 1967. Aircraft history and location


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usa 153354
US Marine Corps
BV-107M, c/n 2246, ff?
accepted BWR FR Morton, PA as CH-46D 153354 24Jan67
xfer HMM-261 02Feb67
xfer HMM-161 08Jul67
xfer HMM-162 29Dec67
xfer HMM-365 25Mar68
xfer HMM-163 24Oct68
xfer H&MS-30 COSA 22Apr69
xfer HMMT-302 17May69
xfer H&MS-16 COSA 29Aug69
xfer H&MS-16 02Dec69
xfer HMM-364 11May70
xfer H&MS-36 24Feb71
xfer HMM-164 31Mar71
xfer H&MS-36 Subunit 2, WX-??, 07Jun72
w/o 20Aug73. HMM-161
usa 153354
US Marine Corps
I was the crew chief on her final flight . We crashed on approach and were almost waved off and back over the water . I'm sure none of us woulde have survived . the fwd yellow blade had a crack in the D spar and went UA ! A WM Major and Ltcmdr were both killed by blade strikes as the blades and rotor heads went out of phase and entered the AC Myself and four others survived . we are I believe the only survivors of an inflight blade loss . Semper Fi
usa 153354
US Marine Corps
Would like to find out more about this helicopter final flight. My aunt was the Woman Marine Major killed in the crash

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