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  • Westland Dragonfly HR.3

    This model is a version of dragonfly

    c/n wa/h/080

    Year 1953

    Helicopter Westland Dragonfly HR.3 Serial wa/h/080 Register G-AJOV WP495 used by Royal Air Force RAF ,Fleet Air Arm RN (Royal Navy). Built 1953. Aircraft history and location


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    united kingdom Fleet Air Arm


    ff 20 May 1953 as HR.3 at Yeovil
    Del to Gosport
    1953-06AFord SAR Flt Jun 1953 to Ford SAR Flt / 982-FD until c Mar 1954
    c Apr 1954 to Ford SAR Flt / 921-FD until Jan 1956
    1956-07BEGDR SAR Flt Jul 1956 to Culdrose SAR Flt / 912-CU until Jun 1957
    1957-06CDonibristle HR5 conversion
    Westland Dragonfly HR.5 Jun 1957 to RNAY Donibristle for conversion to HR.5 completed by c Jul 1958
    1959-04Victorious SAR Flt/967-V by Apr 1959 to c Dec 1959
    Centaur SAR Flt/978 by Jun 1960 to Aug 1960
    705Sq/547 by Dec 1960
    Culdrose Stn Flt/915-CU by Mar 1962 to Jan 1963
    Fleetlands store, SOC
    united kingdom Royal Air Force


    sold to Anglo Diesel Co Jun 1964
    1953-05-20RAF Dragonfly HR.3 f/f 20may53
    14jul58 conv HR.5
    feb80 to Cosford RAF Museum in BEA colours
    1974915DKing's School G I Airframe to King's School CCF, Wimbledon
    1976-03915EDurfold Hill Exhibit displayed at Warnham War Museum by Mar 1976
    For G-AJOV see also:
            s-51 c/n 51-34
        1947 s-51 c/n 51-35




    1980-02FEGWCpreserved at Royal Air Force Air Museum, Cosford
    2017-07-27GMorayvia Exhibit to Morayvia Sci-Tech museum, Kinloss 27 Jul 2017, re-painted from G-AJOV in BEA colours
    (select for original G-AJOV).
    2019-05-05915-LMGMorayvia Exhibit still at Morayvia but painted as WP495 / 915-LM by date shown.

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