Boeing-Vertol CH-46D

This model is a version of 107M H-46 Sea Knight

c/n 2300

Year 1967

Helicopter Boeing-Vertol CH-46D Serial 2300 Register 153402 used by US Marine Corps. Built 1967. Aircraft history and location


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usa US Marine Corps

1967-06-12BV-107M, c/n 2300, ff?
accepted BWR FR Morton PA as CH-46D 153402 12Jun67
xfer HMM-365 26Jun67
xfer HMM-161, YR-33, 27Jun67
xfer H&MS-36 05Sep70
xfer H&MS-36 COSA 29Dec70
xfer H&MS-56 COSA 23Apr71
xfer HMM-161 06Jul71
xfer MARTD Whidbey Island 16Dec71
further unit xfers unk
conv CH-46E unk
unit xfers unk
xfer HMM-261, EM-7, unk
SOC 18Dec06
preserved, MCAS New River as HMM-162, YS-02, 25Apr08. HMM-161
1977-08-1010aug77 from HMM-770 to Santa Ana, CA HML-770

Boeing-Vertol CH-46E 5jul78
MARG 1-85 and MARG 1-87, I was the crew chief with HMM-162 on USS Saipan (LHA-2). It was with HMM-162 long before it went to retirement with HMM-261. I spotted it on the flight line at Al Asad in 2004 HMM-162
1994 CH-46E type HMM-365 /YM-03
2000 HMM-261 /EM-06 HMM-261
2012-09Sep12 on a stick at the front gate of MCAS New River in Jacksonville NC. She is painted in the markings of HMM-162 on one side and HMM-261 on the other HMM-162

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