Sikorsky SH-60F Oceanhawk

This model is a version of S-70 H-60

c/n 70-1686

Helicopter Sikorsky SH-60F Oceanhawk Serial 70-1686 Register 164449 used by US Navy (United States Naval Aviation). Aircraft history and location


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IDNew Layout    
usa 164449
US Navy
apr99 US NAS North Island HS-4 SH-60F HS-4 / NK-612 HS-4
usa 164449
US Navy
16nov99 AU Fremantle Harbour USS Constellation CVW-2 HS-2 / NE-612 by 16 Nov 1999 HS-2
usa 164449
US Navy
29jan11 stricken from US Navy list HSC-84

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