Sikorsky SH-60B Seahawk

C/N 70-2273

Helicopter Sikorsky SH-60B Seahawk Serial 70-2273 Register 165112 used by US Navy USN. Aircraft history and location

Aircraft History


usa US Navy

1999-04 A KNZYHSL-49 / TX-110 HSL-49
1999-11-16 B Fremantle Harbour USS Kinkaid HSL-49 Det. 6 /TX, embarked on USS Kinkaid during visit to Fremantle with USS Constellation Battle Group HSL-49
HSL-49 Det 6
I was the Det LCPO Port calls in Australia was Albany and then Adelaide. The Connie stopped in Perth but not the Kinkaid HSL-49
20102010 HSL-43 HSL-43
2018 A KNZY Since SH-60B 162983, that had been on display at NAS North Island and had to be scrapped due to corrosion, 165112 has been restored for display and is on display at the same site 2983 previously occupied.

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