Eurocopter EC135T1

This model is a version of EC135

c/n 0005

Year 1996

Helicopter Eurocopter EC135T1 Serial 0005 Register D-HECJ D-HQQQ F-GNLO SE-JUP used by Eurocopter Deutschland GmbH (Eurocopter Germany) DRF Luftrettung (German air rescue) Service d'Aide Medicale d'Urgence (emergency medical assistance service) osterman helikopter. Built 1996. Aircraft history


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germany D-HECJ
Eurocopter Deutschland GmbH
For D-HECJ see also:
    1998 ec135p1 c/n 0046
    2003 ec135p2 c/n 0262
    2007 ec135t2+ c/n 0594
    2007 ec135t2+ c/n 0558
    2016 EC135T2+ c/n 1211
    2017 ec135t3 c/n 2010
Eurocopter Deutschland first production EC135. Toward D-HQQQ
germany D-HQQQ
DRF Luftrettung
For D-HQQQ see also:
    1986 bk117a1 c/n 7071
DRF from Aug96 to Feb99 ex D-HECJ toward SE-JUP
sweden SE-JUP
osterman helikopter
Ambulans 998 (Osterman helicopter)
Mar99 to Jul01 ex D-HQQQ toward F-GNLO. Based Gustavsberg (Stockholm)
france F-GNLO
Service d'Aide Medicale d'Urgence
Jul01 SAMU Lorraine based Nancy Hospital

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