Eurocopter EC145

C/N 9215

Built 2008

Helicopter Eurocopter EC145 Serial 9215 Register CN-BZT HB-ZRF used by Royal Moroccan Gendarmerie ,REGA (Swiss Air Rescue). Built 2008. Aircraft history and location

Aircraft History


switzerland REGA

REGA Nov08-Oct19
2009-03-14 A LSZG - Grenchen, Solothurn
2009-03-20 B LSZB - Bern, Bern
2011-03-01 B LSZB - Bern, Bern
2011-03-13 A LSZG - Grenchen, Solothurn
2012-06-16 B LSZB - Bern, Bern
2013-05-20 B LSZB - Bern, Bern
2014-09-04 B LSZB - Bern, Bern
2016-08-06 A LSZG - Grenchen, Solothurn
C LSMF - Glarus, Glarus
2017-12-07 B LSZB - Bern, Bern
2019-02-16 D LSGL - Lausanne, Vaud
2019-03-13 Zurich, Zürich
2019-07-18 Frauenfeld, Thurgau


morocco Royal Moroccan Gendarmerie

Royale Gendarmerie Maroccaine 2020
2023-09-10 E GMMX transports earthquake victims from the affected areas to Marrakesh Airport

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