Westland Lynx HAS2

C/N 190

Built 1980

Helicopter Westland Lynx HAS2 Serial 190 Register XZ725 used by Fleet Air Arm RN (Royal Navy). Built 1980. Aircraft history and location

Aircraft History


united kingdom Fleet Air Arm

1980-08-08RN HAS.2 f/f 08aug80, d/d 04sep80
HAS.2 815Sq Battleaxe Flt/403-BX by Mar 1981
815Sq 203 Sheffield Flt/337-SD by Jan 1982 still Mar 1982
815Sq 220 Brilliant Flt/341 on 22 Apr 1982
1982-04-25 A off King Edward Point as 815Sq Brilliant Flt/431, attacked ARA Santa Fe outside Grytviken, South Georgia 815 NAS Operation Paraquat
815Sq Newcastle Flt on 8 May 1982
815Sq Ambuscade Flt/323-AB by mid Jan 1983
815Sq Amazon Flt/320-AZ by Dec 1984

Westland Lynx HAS3 conv HAS.3, 815Sq Amazon Flt/320-AZ by Feb 1988
815Sq Scylla Flt/432 by Nov 1990
815Sq London Flt/405-LN by Apr 1991
815Sq Alacrity Flt/327-AL by Aug 1992
815Sq Brilliant Flt/342-BT by May 1994
815Sq Campbeltown Flt/338-CT by Mar 1996
702 Sq HQ Flt/633 by Sep 1997
1997-07-13 B EHVB HAS.3S type 702 Sqn /633 702 NAS

Westland Lynx HMA.8 conv HMA.8 by Jun 2002
815Sq Richmond Flt/474 by Aug 2002
815Sq Norfolk Flt/361-NF by Jun 2003
AMG-VL by Oct 2004
815Sq Somerset Flt/375-SM by May 2005 still Sep 2005
815Sq Cornwall Flt/412 by Oct 2005 until Aug 2006, returned Dec 2006 until c Jun 2007
815Sq/308 HQ Flt by 19 Oct 2007
815Sq Kent Flt/425 by Jan 2009
815Sq Monmouth Flt/415 Black Knight by Nov 2013
815Sq Cardigan Bay Flt/337 by Mar 2014 still Jun 2015

AgustaWestland Lynx HMA8 (SRU) Lynx HMA8 (SRU) type by 2016
Feb/Apr 2016 asg 815Sq Monmouth 229 Flt/415 Black Knight 815 NAS
Apr/Jun 2016 asg 815Sq RFA Fort Victoria (A387)
2016-06 815Sq Monmouth Flt/415 Black Knight by Jun16 815 NAS

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