MBB Bo105A

This model is a version of Bo105

c/n V4

Helicopter MBB Bo105A Serial V4 Register 98+32 D-HAPE used by Heeresflieger (German Army Aviation) MBB. Aircraft history

MBB Bo105A c/n V4


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germany D-HAPE
MBB fourth prototype
to German Army as 98+32
back to MBB D-HAPE 1973/1975 conv to Bo105HGH (Hochgeschwindigkeits Hubschrauber, High Speed Helicopter) special fairings, a mod tail unit, smaller skids and a 6.20m span wing. Reach 404km/h
conv to Bo105C and wfu 1979
preserved at Deutsches Museum, Munich
germany 98+32
For 98+32 see also:
        mi-24d c/n 340278
FR Le Bourget Paris Air Show 1979 ( 09-jun-79 )
Present at Paris Air Show, 9 Jun 1979
germany 98+32
HEER, rtn to D-HAPE

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