Sikorsky S-70i Black Hawk

This model is a version of S-70 H-60

c/n 70-3738

Helicopter Sikorsky S-70i Black Hawk Serial 70-3738 Register EJC-2100 SP-YVD used by Aviacion del Ejercito de Colombia (Colombian Army Aviation) PZL Mielec. Aircraft history and location


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poland SP-YVD
PZL Mielec
For SP-YVD see also:
        s-70i c/n 70-3855
        s-70i c/n 70-3774
        s-70i c/n 70-4003
        s-70i c/n 70-3916
        s-70i c/n 70-3986
PZL Mielec msn 0005
colombia EJC-2100
Aviacion del Ejercito de Colombia
Ejercito B AV2 Jan13

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