Sikorsky HSS-2 Sea King

This model is a version of S-61 H-3

c/n 61-049

Helicopter Sikorsky HSS-2 Sea King Serial 61-049 Register 148977 HM-494 used by US Navy (United States Naval Aviation) Marina de Guerra del Peru (Peruvian Navy). Aircraft history


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usa 148977
US Navy
08nov73 SH-3A type, asg HS-85 /NW-507, CVSGR-80
usa 148977
US Navy
Sikorsky SH-3H Sea King
1989 SH-3H type, asg HS-15 /AE-612
usa 148977
US Navy
UH-3H type, asg TAW-5 /401 at Pensacola Base Flt
usa 148977
US Navy
US AMARC / AMARG ( 2008 )
28sep07-28oct09 AMARG/AN9H0121
to FMS Peru
peru HM-494
Marina de Guerra del Peru
Sikorsky UH-3H Sea King
Naval, UH-3H type, ex 148977

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