Westland Wasp

C/N f.9611

Built 1966 - Written off 1979 - Scrapped 1991

Helicopter Westland Wasp Serial f.9611 Register XT441 used by Fleet Air Arm RN (Royal Navy). Built 1966. Aircraft history and location

Aircraft History


united kingdom Fleet Air Arm

1966-03-28 A EGVF Stored d/d 28 Mar 1966 to Fleetlands for long term storage
1969-01 B EGHF G I Airframe to Lee by Jan 1969 as G I but returned to Fleetlands Nov 1970
1971-09433829 NAS Euryalus Flt/433 Sep 1971 to Dec 1971 829 NAS
1973-01476-LEto 829 Sq Leander Flt / 476-LE by Jan 1973, until c Nov 1976 829 NAS
1976-12337829 NAS Sheffield Flt / 337 by Dec 1976 829 NAS
1979-02-03337 Accident w/o 3 Feb 1979 with 829 Sqdn operating from HMS Sheffield /337, ditched in sea off Gibraltar following engine fire, recovered 829 NAS
1979-03 B EGHFto AIU Lee by mid Feb 1979 as A2703
1979-06 C EGDT Stored to Wroughton store and fitted with tail boom from XS476, but then on dump by Nov 1982
1986-07 D EGDR Fire dump to Culdrose fire dump by Jul 1986
to Predannack
1987-04 E EGDO G I Airframe To Predannack by Apr 1987, scrapped at Predannack, Jul 1991.

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