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  • MBB Bk117A-4

    This model is a version of Bk117

    c/n 7130

    Year 1988

    Helicopter MBB Bk117A-4 Serial 7130 Register N880SL N6040N D-HHTD N3PD N9022Z used by ARCH Air Medical Service ,Air Methods ,CFS Air ,Heli Transair (heli transair.com) ,SCPD (Suffolk County NY Police Department) ,MBB Helicopter Corp. Built 1988. Aircraft history and location


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    usa MBB Helicopter Corp

    MBB, test serial D-HBCY
    For N3PD see also:
        2001 md902 c/n 900/00085
        2006 ec145 c/n 9094


    usa State of New York

    SCPD Suffolk County Police 1990s SCPD


    germany Heli Transair

    2002AEDFEHeli Transair at Egelsbach airport 2001-Sep02, BK117B2 type



    USA Sep02-?


    usa CFS Air


    CFS Air
    usa Air Methods


    Air Methods from Dec09
    usa State of Missouri


    ARCH Air Medical Service Inc at Englewood, CO Aug08-Dec09, op by Air Methods ARCH Air Medical Service
    2018-11-06 Saint Louis, Missouri
    2018-12-06 Saint Louis, Missouri
    2019-01-05 Saint Louis, Missouri
    2019-02-04 Saint Louis, Missouri
    2019-03-06 Saint Louis, Missouri
    2019-04-06 Saint Louis, Missouri
    2019-04-13 Kansas City, Missouri
    St. Louis, Missouri
    2019-05-13 St. Louis, Missouri
    2019-05-31 Greencastle, Indiana
    2019-07-01 Saint Louis, Missouri
    2019-07-31 O'Fallon, Illinois
    2019-08-30 St Louis, Illinois
    2019-10-01 St Louis, Illinois
    2019-10-21 Springfield, Missouri
    Saint Louis, Missouri
    2019-11-20 Springfield, Illinois
    2019-12-04 St. Louis, Missouri
    2019-12-14 Springfield, Illinois
    2019-12-21 Springfield, Missouri
    St. Louis, Missouri
    2020-01-20 Saint Louis, Missouri
    2020-02-19 St Louis, Illinois
    2020-02-23 Davenport, Iowa
    Louisiana, Missouri
    2020-03-25 Cahokia/St. Louis, Illinois
    2020-05-01 Saint Louis, Missouri
    2020-05-31 St Louis, Illinois
    2020-06-13 Champaign/Urbana, Illinois
    Chicago, Illinois
    St Louis, Illinois
    2020-07-13 Cahokia/St. Louis, Illinois
    2020-08-07 Chicago, Illinois
    Springfield, Illinois
    2020-09-06 St Louis, Illinois
    2020-09-20 Champaign/Urbana, Illinois
    St Louis, Illinois
    2020-09-23 Springfield, Missouri
    St. Louis, Missouri
    2020-10-23 Springfield, Illinois
    2020-11-12 Belleville, Illinois
    2020-11-16 Springfield, Illinois
    2020-11-17 St. Louis, Missouri
    2020-11-20 Springfield, Illinois
    2020-11-29 Carbondale/Murphysboro, Illinois
    2020-12-03 Louisiana, Missouri
    2021-01-03 St. Louis, Missouri
    2021-01-28 Champaign/Urbana, Illinois
    St. Louis, Missouri
    2021-01-29 Bloomington/Normal, Illinois
    St Louis, Illinois
    2021-03-01 St Louis, Illinois
    2021-03-04 Springfield, Missouri
    Wentzville, Missouri
    2021-03-05 Springfield, Illinois
    2021-04-06 Cahokia/St. Louis, Illinois
    2021-05-06 St Louis, Illinois
    2021-06-09 St. Louis, Missouri
    2021-07-03 Indianapolis, Indiana
    O'Fallon, Illinois
    2021-07-26 Nashville, Tennessee
    O'Fallon, Illinois
    2021-08-16 Champaign/Urbana, Illinois
    2021-08-17 St Louis, Illinois
    2021-08-23 Champaign/Urbana, Illinois
    2021-08-24 St Louis, Illinois
    Champaign/Urbana, Illinois
    Saint Louis, Missouri
    2021-09-02 Springfield, Missouri
    St. Louis, Missouri
    2021-09-06 Bloomington/Normal, Illinois
    St Louis, Illinois
    2021-09-19 Champaign/Urbana, Illinois
    Wentzville, Missouri
    2021-09-20 Bloomington/Normal, Illinois
    St. Louis, Missouri
    2021-10-20 O'Fallon, Illinois
    2021-12-10 Saint Louis, Missouri
    2021-12-22 Nashville, Tennessee
    Cahokia/St. Louis, Illinois
    Springfield, Missouri
    St. Louis, Missouri
    2022-01-10 Springfield, Missouri
    St. Louis, Missouri
    2022-01-12 Shelbyville, Illinois
    2022-01-25 Chicago, Illinois
    Bloomington/Normal, Illinois
    2022-01-26 Cahokia/St. Louis, Illinois
    2022-01-29 Champaign/Urbana, Illinois
    St Louis, Illinois
    2022-02-25 Champaign/Urbana, Illinois
    St Louis, Illinois
    2022-03-28 Springfield, Illinois
    2022-04-09 Columbia, Missouri
    2022-04-16 Springfield, Illinois
    2022-05-16 St Louis, Illinois
    2022-05-30 Springfield, Missouri
    2022-05-31 Saint Louis, Missouri
    2022-06-08 Champaign/Urbana, Illinois
    2022-06-09 O'Fallon, Illinois
    2022-06-21 Springfield, Missouri
    St. Louis, Missouri
    2022-07-01 Champaign/Urbana, Illinois
    St Louis, Illinois
    2022-07-10 Bloomington/Normal, Illinois
    St Louis, Illinois
    2022-07-13 Springfield, Missouri
    St. Louis, Missouri
    2022-08-13 Saint Louis, Missouri
    2022-08-22 Springfield, Missouri
    2022-08-23 St. Louis, Missouri
    2022-08-25 Springfield, Missouri
    St. Louis, Missouri
    2022-08-31 Springfield, Illinois
    2022-09-27 St. Louis, Missouri

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