Sikorsky HSS-2 Sea King

This model is a version of S-61 H-3

c/n 61-135

Helicopter Sikorsky HSS-2 Sea King Serial 61-135 Register 0882 149718 used by Comando de Aviacion Naval Argentina (Argentine Navy) US Navy (United States Naval Aviation). Aircraft history

  • Sikorsky HSS-2 Sea King c/n 61-135
  • Sikorsky HSS-2 Sea King c/n 61-135


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usa 149718
US Navy
Sikorsky UH-3H Sea King
conv SH-3H
conv UH-3H
2003 /F-400 at NAS Pensacola, Florida
25oct05 Stricken from US Navy list
2007 refurbished and sold Argentine Navy
usa 149718
US Navy
UK Spithead USS America ( 25-sep-82 )
HS-11 /AB-614, noted aboard USS America at Spithead, between 25 and 28 Sep 1982
usa 149718
US Navy
US NAS Patuxent River ( 2008 )
2007 UH-3H refurbished by Clayton internacional in USA
2008 (top) in new colours at NAS Patuxent River, USA before delivery to Armada Argentina
argentina 0882
Comando de Aviacion Naval Argentina
AR Punta Indio ( 04-may-11 )
ARA d/d oct08 as 2-H-241, UH-3H type
04may11 (bot) at Punta Indio naval airbase during naval aviation day

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