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  • Sikorsky S-92A

    This model is a version of S-92

    c/n 92-0114

    Year 2009

    Helicopter Sikorsky S-92A Serial 92-0114 Register LN-ONI N901CH N921VH C-GEKN N21122 used by Bristow Norway AS ,Bristow US ,CHI Aviation (Construction Helicopters Inc) ,VIH Cougar ,Cougar Helicopters ,Sikorsky Helicopters. Built 2009. Aircraft history and location


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    usa Sikorsky Helicopters

    2009-07Sikorsky Jul09, LN-OQK ntu


    canada Cougar Helicopters

    Cougar Helicopters May10-Jun12
    Cougar Dec12-May13
    2011-03-05ACYYT - St John's, Newfoundland and Labrador
    2011-10-24BCYHZ - Halifax, Nova Scotia


    usa VIH Cougar

    VIH Cougar Helicopters Jun/Dec 2012
    2012-11-19BCYHZ - Halifax, Nova Scotia CA
    For N901CH see also:
        1962 hus-1 c/n 58-1464


    usa CHI Aviation

    2013-05Wells Fargo Bank NA Trustee May13-Feb17
    CHI Aviation (Construction Helicopters) ?
    2013-05-10 C-GEKN CKOZW - Howell, Michigan
    2015-10-23DCYYJ - Vancouver Island, British Columbia CA
    2016-07-30EKARA - New Iberia, Louisiana
    usa Bristow US

    2016-09EKARABristow US at New Iberia, LA Aug16-Jan17
    2016-10-17FENNA - Lakselv, Troms og Finnmark NO
    For LN-ONI see also:
        1999 as332l2 c/n 2500


    norway Bristow Norway AS

    2017-01GENHFBristow Norway from Jan17
    02feb17 at Hammerfest
    2020-05-31 BHL380 Stavanger, Rogaland
    2020-06-02 BHL591 Block 30/10, Offshore Norway
    BHL591 Stavanger, Rogaland
    2020-06-24 BHL500 Block 15/9, Sleipner field, Offshore Norway
    BHL504 Stavanger, Rogaland
    2020-07-24 BHL216 Stavanger, Rogaland
    2020-07-31 BHL216 Block 2/4, Ekofisk field, Offshore Norway
    BHL216 Stavanger, Rogaland
    2020-08-06 BHL942 Block 30/6, Oseberg field, Offshore Norway
    BHL81F Stavanger, Rogaland
    2020-08-10 Block 30/6, Oseberg field, Offshore Norway
    2020-08-12 BHL205 Stavanger, Rogaland
    2020-08-15 BHL358 Block 1/3, Tambar field, Offshore Norway
    BHL358 Stavanger, Rogaland
    2020-09-14 BHL216 Stavanger, Rogaland
    2020-09-17 Block 2/4, Tor field, Offshore Norway
    BHL205 Stavanger, Rogaland
    2020-10-19 BHL81T Stavanger, Rogaland
    2020-11-18 BHL500 Block 16/2, Johan Sverdrup Fd, Offshore Norway
    2020-12-16 BHL807 Florø, Sogn og Fjordane
    2020-12-27 BHL61F Haugesund, Rogaland
    Florø, Sogn og Fjordane
    2020-12-29 Stavanger, Rogaland
    2021-01-25 BHL856 Florø, Sogn og Fjordane
    BHL81F Stavanger, Rogaland
    2021-01-27 BHL61F Florø, Sogn og Fjordane
    2021-02-03 BHL71F Haugesund, Rogaland
    2021-02-11 BHL690 Blocks 35/9 36/7, Gjoa field, Offshore Norway
    2021-04-12 BHL83T Stavanger, Rogaland
    2021-04-30 BHL82F Trondheim, Sør-Trøndelag
    BHL82F Bodø, Nordland
    2021-07-17 BHLSAR9 Mehamn,
    2021-07-31 BHL31F Hjelmo, Hordaland
    BHL31F Bodø, Nordland
    2021-08-17 Stavanger, Rogaland
    2021-08-20 BHL82F Stavanger, Rogaland

    Call sign for this aircraft: BHL141 BHL142 BHL143 BHL144 BHL175 BHL201 BHL203 BHL205 BHL207 BHL208 BHL210 BHL212 BHL213 BHL214 BHL216 BHL221 BHL222 BHL230 BHL234 BHL245 BHL253 BHL256 BHL275 BHL276 BHL291 BHL292 BHL293 BHL294 BHL296 BHL303 BHL305 BHL307 BHL31F BHL330 BHL331 BHL333 BHL334 BHL350 BHL352 BHL355 BHL358 BHL380 BHL404 BHL405 BHL415 BHL426 BHL427 BHL429 BHL465 BHL470 BHL473 BHL478 BHL500 BHL503 BHL504 BHL507 BHL517 BHL521 BHL522 BHL523 BHL533 BHL534 BHL535 BHL539 BHL591 BHL592 BHL61F BHL650 BHL690 BHL695 BHL703 BHL71F BHL71T BHL72T BHL742 BHL751 BHL781 BHL802 BHL807 BHL812 BHL81F BHL81S BHL81T BHL822 BHL82F BHL82S BHL82T BHL83F BHL83T BHL84T BHL851 BHL856 BHL930 BHL942 BHLSAR2 BHLSAR9

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