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  • Eurocopter EC135T2

    This model is a version of EC135

    c/n 0342

    Helicopter Eurocopter EC135T2 Serial 0342 Register D-HVBW used by Bundespolizei (German Federal Police (BPOL)). Aircraft history and location


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    germany Bundespolizei

    2004-09-21BGS d/d 21sep04
    BPol from 01jul05
    conv to T2+
    2020-11-18 RDF17 Kassel, Hesse
    2020-12-10 BPO15 Geilenkirchen, North Rhine-Westphalia
    2021-01-11 BPO20 Bonn-Hangelar, North Rhine-Westphalia
    2021-02-12 BPO120 Bonn-Hangelar, North Rhine-Westphalia
    2021-03-16 BPO11 North Eifel, North Rhine-Westphalia
    2021-03-30 BPO131 Oedheim, Baden-Württemberg
    2021-04-07 BPO234 Oberschleissheim, Bavaria
    2021-04-09 BPO242 Villingen - Schwenningen, Baden-Württemberg
    Oberschleissheim, Bavaria
    2021-04-10 Nagold, Baden-Württemberg
    2021-04-21 BPO234 Oberschleissheim, Bavaria
    2021-04-28 BPO242 Mannheim, Baden-Württemberg
    2021-05-03 BPO242 Basel/Mulhouse/Freiburg, Grand Est FR
    2021-05-11 BPO242 Mannheim, Baden-Württemberg
    2021-05-19 BPO208 Oberschleissheim, Bavaria
    2021-05-21 BPO242 Villingen - Schwenningen, Baden-Württemberg
    2021-06-08 BPO201 Fürstenfeldbruck, Bavaria
    2021-06-17 BPO240 München, Bavaria

    Call sign for this aircraft: BPO105 BPO11 BPO111 BPO118 BPO120 BPO121 BPO123 BPO126 BPO13 BPO130 BPO131 BPO133 BPO140 BPO15 BPO16 BPO17 BPO19 BPO20 BPO201 BPO204 BPO208 BPO22 BPO23 BPO234 BPO24 BPO240 BPO242 BPO245 BPO28 BPO29 BPO5 BPO6 RDF17

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