Eurocopter EC145 Stylence

This model is a version of EC145

c/n 9355

Year 2010

Helicopter Eurocopter EC145 Stylence Serial 9355 Register D-HMBO D-HTCL D-HTHD used by Eurocopter Deutschland GmbH (Eurocopter Germany) Helicopter Travel Munich Airbus Helicopters Deutschland GmbH (Airbus Helicopters Germany) Landespolizei (German Local Police). Built 2010. Aircraft history and location

Eurocopter EC145 Stylence c/n 9355


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germany D-HMBO
Eurocopter Deutschland GmbH
For D-HMBO see also:
        bk117b1 c/n 7241
        uh-72a c/n 9138
    2009 ec145 c/n 9240
2010 DE Donauworth Eurocopter Germany, reser D-HTCL
germany D-HTCL
Eurocopter Deutschland GmbH
jun10 DE Berlin Schoenefeld at Berlin airshow 2010
EC145 Stylence Helicopter to Spedition Helicopterservice Linke GmbH
Spedition and Helicopterservice Linke GmbH Oct10-Dec13
germany D-HTCL
Airbus Helicopters Deutschland GmbH
Airbus Germany 2014
germany D-HTCL
Helicopter Travel Munich
HTM 2015-2018,
germany D-HTHD
jan19 DE Erfurt Polizei Thüringen at Erfurt/Weimar Airport from

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