Boeing-Vertol CH-47A Chinook

This model is a version of CH-47 Chinook

c/n b-117

Written off 1967

Helicopter Boeing-Vertol CH-47A Chinook Serial b-117 Register 64-13145 used by US Army Aviation. Aircraft history

Boeing-Vertol CH-47A Chinook c/n b-117


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usa 64-13145
US Army Aviation
Boeing-Vertol ACH-47A Guns A Go-Go
US Army
conv ACH-47A armed Chinook gunship prototype
nicknamed CO$T OF LIVING
1965 flying testing at Edwards AFB
Jan66 asg Field Evaluation Detachment (Special)(CH-47)(Provisional) at Fort Benning, GA
Apr66 asg 53rd Avn Det
w/o 07may67 at Bong Son, South Vietnam

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