Bell 412EP

This model is a version of 412

c/n 36355

Year 2005

Helicopter Bell 412EP Serial 36355 Register D-HHDM OE-XJO used by DRF Luftrettung (German air rescue) HDM Flugservice Helitalia SpA Heli Austria GmbH. Built 2005. Aircraft history and location

Bell 412EP c/n 36355


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germany D-HHDM
DRF Luftrettung
DRF Luftrettung
Bell serial N7008Q
germany D-HHDM
HDM Flugservice
HDM Flugservice
to Italy operated by Helitalia Regione Abruzo, team DRF
italy D-HHDM
Helitalia SpA
Helitalia Regione Abruzo, team DRF
austria OE-XJO
Heli Austria GmbH
Heli Austria by Oct18

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