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    This model is a version of S-65 H-53

    c/n 65-033

    Written off 1982

    Helicopter Sikorsky CH-53A Sea Stallion Serial 65-033 Register 152406 used by US Marine Corps USMC. Aircraft history and location


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    usa US Marine Corps

    USMC CH-53A
    1982-11-10w/o 10nov82 CH-53A HMT-301 /SU-13 Class A mishap during COMPEX for Marine Corps Birthday. HMT-301

    notes personal account :

    CH-53A HMT-301 /SU-13 Class A mishap during COMPEX for Marine Corps Birthday.

    At least two PUI severely injured on ground acting as HSTs for 500 pound external training block. One lst Lt in cabin with me had shrapnel wounds to his chest. HAC came in over load with such a nose high attitude the tail skid didnt impact at all. Jam bolts would still turn as on preflight checks.

    The AC impacted twice because the HAC lifted off again with at least half of the tail rotor blades destroyed. The PUI initiated a hard brake shut down preventing more ground or crew injuries. Since I was the crewchief during the accident, I wasnt allowed back on the AC till the accident review board met and all medical tests (drugs/alcohol) came back. I was cleared to crew approx a week later, I still have my MIFARS (Julian date:2314 as far as I know, the entire gearbox and drive train were removed for sudden stoppage, all six main blades were badly damaged and both engines were removed for FOD and sudden stoppage. I think Sikorsky reps ok d the airframe after measurements and NDI test were performed on all engine and gearbox mounts.

    The aircraft had just come from SDLM (Scheduled Depot Level Maintenance) prior to the accident so was generally in good shape. The HAC went in front of a flight proficiency board,this was his 2nd tail rotor impact. In the previous accident the entire tail section was separated from the main fuselage section. I dont know what the outcome of the board was, I just know he was FAPD out of the unit and went somewhere. Im just mystified at how this all disappeared.

    If SU-13 152406 went to the bone yard at Davis Monthan AFB shouldnt the aircraft log books be archived also at the bone yard?

    2001 still

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