Sikorsky S-55

This model is a version of S-55 H-19

c/n 55-016

Year 1951

Helicopter Sikorsky S-55 Serial 55-016 Register LN-ORK G-17-1 XA842 WW339 G-AMHK used by Westland Ministry of Defence (MoD) Fleet Air Arm (Royal Navy). Built 1951. Aircraft history and location

Sikorsky S-55 c/n 55-016


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united kingdom G-AMHK
Sikorsky S-55, c/n 55-016, d/d Westlands as WS-55 Whirlwind prototype 02may51 G-AMHK
united kingdom G-AMHK
US built S-55
ff 6 Jun 1951 in UK
united kingdom G-AMHK
WS-55 Whirlwind prototype
Jun51 at unk event. William B Hickman 4th from the right.
united kingdom G-AMHK
ex- WW339
reverted to G-AMHK
to XA842 for RAE evaluation by Jun / Jul 1952.
united kingdom WW339
Fleet Air Arm
Royal Navy as WW339, unk
united kingdom XA842
Ministry of Defence (MoD)
MoD as XA842, unk
united kingdom G-17-1
For G-17-1 see also:
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rtnd Westlands as G-17-1, unk
For LN-ORK see also:
    1978 as350b c/n 1056
Norway from 08oct53, ex G-17-1
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