Sikorsky H-19D Chickasaw

This model is a version of S-55 H-19

c/n 55-1180

Year 1958

Helicopter Sikorsky H-19D Chickasaw Serial 55-1180 Register 57-1620 ONU-71620 used by US Army Aviation United Nations. Built 1958. Aircraft history


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usa 57-1620
US Army Aviation
Sikorsky S-55 c/n 55-1180, ff:?
del US Army as H-19D, 57-1620, 05Mar58.
United Nations
US Army based in Germany
~Jul60 to United Nations as ONU 71620 for US$ 1
restored to flying conditions at Verlose by Royal Danish Air Force Esk722
airlifted to Congo by USAF
based mainly in Kamina
~Jul64 wfu at the end of the UN mandate
possibly donated to Ghana Air Force
United Nations
United Nations during July 1960 for use in Congo. Captured by Katangese forces in 1961 and briefly used by them, the helicopter was still around when Katangan secession ended in 1963, but was never recaptured by UN

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