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  • Westland Whirlwind HAS.7

    This model is a version of Whirlwind

    c/n wa159

    Year 1957

    Helicopter Westland Whirlwind HAS.7 Serial wa159 Register XK912 used by Fleet Air Arm RN (Royal Navy). Built 1957. Aircraft history and location


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    united kingdom Fleet Air Arm


    1957-06-18Westland Whirlwind HAS.7, c/n WA159, ff: 18Jun57
    del Royal Navy Fleet Air Arm as XK912, 10Jul57
    scr Crudwell, Wiltshire, 1991.
    1957-07EAEGHFto 845 NAS at Lee 845 NAS
    1958-02323-RBEGAE820 Sq / 323-R Feb 1958 820 NAS
    1958-05BEGAEto Stn Flt Eglinton May 1958 (but 824 NAS loan ?)
    1959-10769CEGDPto 737 NAS at Portland, until Nov 1960 737 NAS
    1962-03985-HDEGDRearmarked for HMS Hermes SAR Flt / 985-H by Mar 1962 but kept at Culdrose until c Sep 1962.
    1964-10977-CSAR Flt Centaur / 977-C by Oct 1964, until c Sep 1965.
    1966-02560DEGDRto 705 NAS, until c Aug 1974. 705 NAS
    1974-12EEGDT Stored into storage at RNAY Wroughton
    1977-02FNotton Houseto Notton House School

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