Bell UH-1D Iroquois

This model is a version of 205

c/n 5764

Written off 1992

Helicopter Bell UH-1D Iroquois Serial 5764 Register 66-16070 PNC-144 used by US Army Aviation Policia Nacional de Colombia (Colombian National Police). Aircraft history and location


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usa 66-16070
US Army Aviation
US Army, conv UH-1H
usa 66-16070
US Army Aviation
1969-Jul70 asg 128th AHC "Tomahawks" , 1st Aviation Brigade, Phu Loi, Republic South Vietnam
known "Firefly" it was was armed with a mini gun on the left side with a spotlight and starlight scope, on the right side it had twin m-60s and a spot light. This aircraft and it's crew where always on alert and flew only at night.
usa 66-16070
US Army Aviation
US Robert Gray Army Airfield - Fort Hood ( 1979 )
1978-1980 I was the crew chief/mechanic at Fort Hood, Texas
usa 66-16070
US Army Aviation
was my bird before during and after Desert Storm. 6-101st Avn Regt
colombia PNC-144
Policia Nacional de Colombia
Policia Nacional
w/o 07dec92

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