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  • Agusta AB412

    c/n 25571

    Year 1988

    Helicopter Agusta AB412 Serial 25571 Register VH-LSA I-RECE used by Australia Air Ambulances RACQ Capricorn Rescue ,Babcock Australia ,MAC Rescue Helicopter ,Australian Helicopters AHPL ,Elilombarda. Built 1988. Aircraft history and location


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    italy Elilombarda

    1998-03Elilombarda, noted Mar98, to VH-LSA
    1998-03-28ALIML - Milan, Lombardia
    For VH-LSA see also:
        1974 105c c/n S-135


    australia Australian Helicopters

    2005-11Australia from Nov05
    2006-12Australian Helicopters from Dec06
    australia Australia Air Ambulances

    MAC Rescue Helicopter, South Australia /Rescue51 from 2009, op by Australian Helicopters MAC Rescue Helicopter
    2006-10-26BYPAD - Adelaide, South Australia
    2010-01-17BYPAD - Adelaide, South Australia
    2010-05-17VH-LSABYPAD MAC Rescue Helicopter
    2013-11-10BYPAD - Adelaide, South Australia
    2015-03-29CYADG - Aldinga, South Australia
    2015-03-30BYPAD - Adelaide, South Australia
    2016-01-14BYPAD - Adelaide, South Australia
    2016-07-01DYPPF - Adelaide, South Australia
    australia Babcock Australia

    australia Australia Air Ambulances

    op by Babcock
    2018-12-10 LSA Adelaide, South Australia
    2019-01-11 RSCU55 Gawler, South Australia
    2019-02-10 RSCU55 Adelaide, South Australia
    2019-04-04 RSCU55 Adelaide, South Australia
    2019-06-03 Adelaide, South Australia
    2019-07-14 LSA Adelaide, South Australia
    2019-08-16 LSA Brukunga, South Australia
    2019-08-17 LSA Dubbo, New South Wales
    2019-08-18VH-LSAEYBRKCapricorn Helicopter Rescue Service (CHRS) Callsign Rescue 55 RACQ Capricorn Rescue
    2019-12-08 Dubbo, New South Wales
    Barossa Valley, South Australia
    2020-07-29 RSCU54 Adelaide, South Australia
    2020-08-28 RSCU54 Adelaide, South Australia
    2020-09-27 RSCU54 Brukunga, South Australia
    2020-10-27 RSCU54 Edinburgh, South Australia
    2020-11-12 RSCU54 Aldinga, South Australia

    Call sign for this aircraft: ESD LSA RSCU54 RSCU55

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