Saunders Roe Saro P.531

C/N s2/5267

Built 1958 - Written off 1961

Helicopter Saunders Roe Saro P.531 Serial s2/5267 Register XN333 G-APNU used by Fleet Air Arm RN (Royal Navy) ,Westland. Built 1958. Aircraft history and location

Aircraft History


united kingdom Westland

P.531 O/N built at Eastleigh, ff 20 Jul 1958. 1st prototype, with 400shp Turbomeca Turmo 603 derated to 325 shp. To UK Royal Navy for trials. Used by Westland as an aerodynamic prototype.


united kingdom Fleet Air Arm

1961-07-19 Accident d/d 20 Oct 1959 as 2nd trials airframe, bird strike 11 Nov 1959 and recovered to HMS Undaunted
w/o 19 Jul 1961 during submarine detection trials with an experimental magnetic anomaly detector, west of Portland Bill, wreck recovered.
1962-05 G I Airframe to Arbroath (A2519) by May 1962
Lee by Jan 1964
Middle Wallop fire dump.

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